I never thought I’d see the day. As far as fashion goes… this might be the collaboration to top them all! After Cavalli, Lanvin, Lagerfeld and even Jimmy Choo,  it was only a matter of time before the big “V” came along for the ride. I’m talking about Versace. The fashion giant will be doing a line for H&M! I’m pretty excited about this one. Because it’s Versace, you can expect lots of gold and bold prints. It’s pretty much the iconic look of the fashion house. They’re not exactly known for being subtle. I mean, they were the masterminds behind J.Lo’s most famous dress.

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While I find some of their designs to be a bit over the top for me, they still have plenty of swoon worthy pieces.


I’m sure I’ll find something that suits my style. They also promise to deliver on the accessories. We’re talking belts, jewelry and bed linens of all things. The line will hit stores this November. I’m ready!

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