The writing prompt I chose this week for Mama Kat’s workshop is: 4.) A country you would like to visit.

Let me start by saying I’m obsessed with HGTV’s House Hunters International. Anytime I get the chance to watch TV my husband assumes that’s what I’m watching. Yes, HHI trumps any other guilty TV pleasure – Housewives included. I love to see how homes in other countries look. They are so different from homes here in the U.S. Some things about them I like. Many seem to be older and have some really nice features and rustic charm. I’m always fascinated about how much they cost too. Many of them seem like a deal compared to prices here in L.A.

One of my favorite places that House Hunters International visits is Italy! While I have a long list of countries I’d like to visit, Italy has been at the top for some time. It seems like such a beautiful place. Venice, Milan, Florence and Rome. I need it! I’d love to go shopping in Milan, eat pizza in Naples, see the Vatican in Rome, check out the Amalfi Coast, fall in love with Tuscany and see the leaning tower of Pisa. My husband and I had talked about going pre-baby. Once we found out we were preggers, Italy was officially put on hold. I’d love to one day take little man as well. Our goal is to travel abroad as a family as much as possible and expose our children to as much as we can. Little man already has his passport but, I’m terrified about the thought of him on a LONG international flight. Not even ready for that! As for me, I’d really love to do some sort of tour of Italy. There are these shopping tours that go to all the fashion houses in Italy every year. I found out about them years ago and would really like to try it. I think that would be the ultimate indulgence. That trip would require lots of moolah! I’m also really interested in some authentic Italian food. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. What country tops your list as a must see?

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  1. How awesome!!! And Italy would be mine too. We’ve talked about setting up a plan to get there, someday, and live for a year. We’re considering it being a “empty nest” goal…

  2. Italy is amazing! My husband and I went there for our honeymoon last June! It is so beautiful that I want to go back again so badly! I hope you do get the chance to go and enjoy yourself! Make sure to tour a winery while there! Beautiful!!

    Stopped in from Mama Kat’s! πŸ˜€

  3. Oh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HHI too! I have two friends from high school that were on the show. One of them seems to be on the reruns all the time, the surfer from Redondo who opens a school in Nicaragua? As for my travel wish list, probably either India, South Africa, or Russia. Though the first big trip we will take will probably be Denmark to visit friends. But yeah, the plane ride with a toddler? I have nightmares thinking about it!

  4. The same thing happened with us! We were all set for a trip to Italy (all planned out) and I got pregnant. Indefinitely on hold now, but we’re also hoping to take Paityn with us when we go. I’ve done several cross country flights but international scares me, too. The best advice I got on plane travel was this- eventually, it’s over, you never see those people (from the plane) again, and you’re on vacation.
    Oh, and also a HHI fan! We have a lot in common.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. I am so with you on Italy. There’s just something about that place that has me all enamored. Well, most in love with Italy, but I want to explore all of Europe! I think the only way to do that right is to live there for a while. My dream, at least for a year.

  6. Great goals. Yes… I’d love to see all of that, too! And love that you would like to take your family. I’ll be going without my hubs in 12 more years (counting down until the littlest one graduates), as he DOES NOT want to EVER travel outside the US. hmmm… then there’s no one to tell what NOT to buy! mwahahahahaha!

  7. Italy must be the land of thwarted vacation plans. My husband and I were planning a trip to Italy and Greece a couple of years ago when we found out that we had to move cross-country during that time instead. Not cool. I hope we ALL get there someday! Visiting from Mama Kat’s. πŸ™‚

  8. Italy is beautiful and I’ve been very fortunate to go on many occasions! We also took our son when he was only five months old! We are taking him back this summer and can’t wait to see how he reacts now that he can eat the pizza and the pasta!

  9. We were talking about going to Italy last fall…but guess what that’s when I had our little guy! I know so that got put on hold…hoping to go when he gets bigger and can stay with the grandparents!

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