Every now and then every mama needs a little mama advice. Welp ladies, this is one of  those times. Put on your mama hats and give me what you got.

I have two goals this week. I want to get baby girl to back away from the formula. She turned one two weeks ago and we’ve been trying to wean her off of the formula. If I’m honest, she’s barely weaned off my boob. Even though my milk went away in April, she is still trying to nurse. Why did I think formula would be any easier? I dunno. She is not feeling regular milk at ALL! She turns up her nose at it then blows spit bubbles. Cute, but not exactly the reaction we were looking for.

gimme da milk bibsbaublesCan you tell she’s stubborn? We’ve been mixing the milk with her formula to try to trick her and gradually move that thirty dollars  a week formula out of her life!  She’s putting up a good fight. I can’t remember how we transitioned our son. I could just surf the web and see what’s out there but I thought I’d check with you all first. You know, cause we are cool like that. 😉

The other goal is to break our son’s addiction to the Lion King! He talks about it all day! He “plays” Lion King and turns into a lion. He tells us he’s not a little boy, he’s a lion. I try to let it pass because I know he likes to pretend. They do a lot of pretend play at school. Everything we talk about though can somehow make it’s way to having something to do with the Lion King. Yes, it’s OBSESSION.

lion king bibsbaublesIt all started with a book we got when he was little. He fell in love with the story of Simba and eventually memorized the book. When he finally saw the movie… it was a done deal. We have tried to get him to like different characters, stories, movies. He’ll like them for a minute but then he’s right back to Scar and Mufasa. Sigh. It’s to the point that his teachers think he watches the movie EVERY DAY. In reality, he’s just memorized every bit of that story. I don’t know what Disney put in that movie but they got my kid. They’ve got him good.

So there you have it. The girl and her milk and the boy and Mufasa. Any thoughts, suggestions?

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  1. awww i am no help at all because my baby is still on the formula and it does get expensive…and your son…i love the lion king too so no help there but i think that’s a healthy obsession! good luck Mama!
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  2. To get RJ from formula to regular milk, I transitioned him for several weeks. Started with mainly formula and a little milk mixed in for about a week, then 50/50 for a week, then mainly milk with a little formula for a week an finally full milk.
    I don’t know what to do about the Lion King:(

  3. I’m trying to remember how I transitioned my son. Have you tried different types of milk? What does your pediatrician say? I feel her pain because I don’t like milk either,lol.

    My son was in LOVE with the Little Einsteins, it use to drive me up the wall because he would sing the theme song non-stop. Eventually he just moved on to something else. It’s so cute (kinda?) to see them so passionate about something.
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  4. Hahahahah addicted to Lion King. I’ve never heard of such. Just keep offering him alternative options when it comes to movie time. I think thats pretty normal for a kid to OD over certain characters.

    My daughter was the exact same way. She almost went a whole WEEK without any milk. I had our Dr on speed dial. But she finally gave in and she’s been gulping down whole milk for a while now. Also, try giving her half and half with some agave in it. It’s a bit sweeter!
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  5. We did the gradual method like Jenni with Izzy. 1/4 whole milk, then 1/2 whole milk, then 3/4 whole milk, then just whole. I’m already thinking about it with Zoe, (she has 3 more months though), and I’ve been considering maybe doing almond milk as a step between. I think the taste/thickness is more similar to formula than whole, and might be a good bridge to whole milk.
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  6. Those are both tough ones– I know when I was weaning my kids some were definitely easier than others; but I never did formula just slowly cut back on nursing and then went to milk, but yea don’t really remember what I did either. Crazy how many things you forget.
    With the Lion King thing, just keep introducing him to other things but don’t fight it– the more you fight it the more he will probably just keep talking about it, maybe even acknowledge by saying, that is so fun to be Simba- have you heard about such and such– so not making Lion King a bad thing and acknowledge while trying to get him to think about other things. You could even set “Lion King Times” and talk with him about how some fun things are only appropriate at certain times. Like laughing and running are good but they aren’t something you would do at church sort of thing.
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  7. My 2 year old still tries to Nurse and hasnt since she was 10 months…so good luck on that, but 50/50 worked for me, started with half formula/half milk for a weeks and slowly decreased the formula weekly till she was completely off. It took almost a month.

  8. well since she’s on solid food now she really doesn’t NEED the milk so you can remove it from her diet really. If she eats dairy at all then she’s still good on her calcium. Maybe do vitamins if you don’t already. Jas doesn’t drink milk and she stopped right after 12 months. The only way she has milk is in her cereal. Other than that she gets her dairy fix in yogurt and cheese and the occasional ice cream treat.

    The lion king. . . you’re on your own with that one lol. Kids like what they like and we have no say so in that. You can never show him that movie again and he may talk about it the rest of his life lol
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  9. Oh no – I love the Lion King too so I’m no help there.
    My son turned one last year and weaned himself off breastmilk but doesn’t love whole milk. He’ll drink it but definitely not the 16-24 ounces a day the doctor talked about! He won’t do formula either. Luckily he eats a lot of dairy and some good fats so I think he’s just telling me what his body needs. It’s tough.
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  10. Not too sure what to say about The Lion King, LOL!! He’ll eventually grow out of liking Disney stuff so I say enjoy it while you can. For your little lady I would say try different types of milk just to get her off formula. She may like a soy or almond milk. When I stopped breastfeeding my first I went cold turkey. Cruel, I know. We gave her organic milk to start out with and she didn’t have a problem with it. Good luck!
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  11. With Pookah we did the mix the milk with the formula thing. But of course, Pooksh was lactose intolerant do that didn’t go well. But eventually, I transitioned him over a few weeks with the milk/formula mixing everyone suggested.
    As for the Lion King, I have no clue!!

  12. With the milk, perhaps put regular milk in her cup at a lesser rate… start off with mostly formula and then add more and more milk every few weeks or so.

    With the Lion King, he’ll eventually grow out of it. My godson was obsessed with Spiderman. If you asked him his name, he’d tell you Peeta Pawkuh (Peter Parker. lol)… One day, he just stopped.
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  13. I wish I had an answer for weaning but my son is 15 months…still on the boob once or twice a day and HATES milk. Thankfully he never got hooked to regular formula but he does drink pediasure. Thats expensive too. I can get him to drink almond milk though just like Krissy said.
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