This could all be my fault. I might have just set myself up for it. I don’t know. What I do know is that my daughter is still really fond of the boob. At first I thought it was because I nursed her. But, her brother was nursed as well and as soon as the milk ran out, he transitioned with no issue. She on the other hand would probably still nurse if she could.

I ran out of milk right before she turned ten months and had to give up on nursing her. She was not a fan. She didn’t want me to give her a bottle for awhile. She’d take it from her dad but not me. She wanted mama’s milk. It broke my heart. Her little face would look so sad. Eventually, she got past it. Or so I thought.

girl boob bibsbaublesShe’s now almost 17 months old and shoves her hand down my shirt every chance she gets. She just rests it there. I think it’s a comfort thing for her. When she’s tired, or wants to feel close to me, or feels uncomfortable, her hand goes down my shirt. It’s to the point that I don’t even really notice it. People usually end up pointing it out to me right before she full on exposes me. The other thing is, it’s not just me she does this to. She’s done it to my mom and her teachers. And to prove that it may not be about the boob so much, she’s been caught in her dad’s shirt as well.girl dad bibsbaubles

A few people have told me their daughters have done the same thing. One lady told me her daughter still does it at three. Another lady told me her niece is still the same way at eight. I have no intention of having my daughter’s 8 year old hand down my shirt. LOL! Right now, I let it slide because she’s still a baby and it’s kinda sweet. Truth be told, I miss nursing her. Since my husband and I had settled on having just two children,I had a hard time when my milk went away. I felt like she was the last baby I’d ever have the chance to nurse and I didn’t want it to end so soon. Maybe she senses that and stays close, I don’t know. I know soon enough, she won’t need me as much or want to be up under me so often. I’ll take it while I can even if it means having a tiny hand down my shirt for a while.

Did your kids do this?

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  1. this is so heartwarming and sweet! nursing my first child wasn’t even an option, but when i had The Boy – his dad wanted him to breast fed. i tried it in the hospital and he just couldn’t catch on…literally. this makes me wish i could have experienced it. Baby Girl will be just fine…she’ll stop fondling you and others when she’s good and ready! 🙂
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  2. My friends son is two years old and he still tries to get beast feed. What I have heard is that they will out grow it. It looked so sweet down your shirt. But your husbands it is funny. Children they are such a joy.

  3. My daughter did this… I brestfed until 10 months too. She is still obsessed with breasts and she will motorboat me from time to time… I, like you, think it’s a comfort thing.

  4. I didn’t breastfeed my first but I did breastfeed my second I didn’t do it long enough so I don’t think she missed it either way. I have heard of the girls doing this more than the boys though
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