This summer, has been interesting. I have, for the first time, been at home with both of my babies pretty much full time. That has led to us really being a little unit. I love that. It has also led to me being in constant planning mode with finding things for us to do. There are the chill days where we stay at home, hang around our community and take it easy. Then there are the other days that we are on the move! I love finding things in the city for them to experience. There are all kinds of things to get into. Most of them are FREE! LOVE that.

We typically hang out at story time at the library on Wednesdays. My son LOVES the library and the bookstore. They are his two favorite places. We typically get a few books to bring home when story time is over. The other good thing about Wednesday story time is there is a Farmer’s Market right outside with a train for the kids. On the other side of the library is a park and rec center. All of this makes story time an awesome outing!

One Wednesday,we were informed that there was another story time that we may want to check out. It’s on Tuesdays in a community garden. I was immediately intrigued. So, I toted my babies out to a cool community garden to take it all in.

july 26 048

july 26 046

july 26 038It starts with the kids being led through the garden on a little tour.

july 26 032They are looking for any little animals that may be hanging out (squirrels, chipmunks, etc) and any budding fruits and veggies. The kids are fascinated by it and really get a kick out of seeing food on the vine. We saw huge bumble bees and butterflies. We also saw all kinds of greens and melons and a few apple trees. I loved it and so did my babies.

july 26 047

july 26 033

july 26 035After that tour ended, the kids met back up in a circle made of stone where story time began. There were stories read and songs sang to get the kids involved. It was a really cool experience.

july 26 044It was simple. I’m finding that sometimes those make the biggest impressions on kids. My son keeps making mention of our (non-existent) garden. Yeah, I never got around to that. Womp!

 Have you ever been to a garden story time? Do you garden?

78 comments on “Story time with a Garden View”

  1. That looks like so much fun! I am very into the whole garden look and one day when I have a house I would love to start a garden! They looked like they had a great time 🙂

  2. I love the idea of a community garden. As a southern transplant to the Chicago suburbs, I really see a need for people to learn how to garden. It’s a great way to get back to nature, and it’s really rewarding.

  3. No, I have never been to a garden story time. It sounds like something fun to do. I would love to garden but I always put it off.

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