I’m finally beginning to fall into fall fashion. My timing couldn’t be worse as its nearly 100 degrees here in Los Angeles! Oh well, when it does cool down, here are some things I want to be rocking.

I have been looking for a leopard print patent leather kitten heel shoe. I haven’t found one yet. Probably because I’ve never seen the shoe, I just made it up.’ In any case, these will work.

via zappos.com

Then there is my complete obsession with the Victoria Beckham line. I would love to have one. Not in the budget so, I’ll take a look a like.

via asos.com

These jeans are kind of calling my name. I tried to answer not too long ago with some skinny jeans from Gap. They didn’t work out with my new post pregnancy badonk! I’m going to give them another chance – perhaps in a bigger size, ahem. Womp!

via express.com

I also have become a fan of wedges in the last few years. I want some boots and booties!

via aerosoles

Maybe I should put this stuff on a Christmas list? Are there any things you MUST have this fall?

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