After having kids, my body is different. The belly button isn’t as tight, other things are flatter – it’s just different. I’m cool with it. The things I don’t like, I can change with some exercise. I get that. Finding time to do that exercise is where things get a bit tricky. I don’t complain about my body though. I know that pregnancy takes a different toll on different people. For the most part, I came through it all unscathed. So, no complaining here. I’m also not like, “hey y’all, don’t I look bomb?” Number one, I don’t talk like that. Number two, it’s rude. Number three, I don’t think I look bomb. Nicole Murphy is bomb. She’s had 5 kids and looks like this:


Did she have help? I don’t know.

When I heard about another mom with a banging body I was intrigued. Mostly because everyone was talking about how much they didn’t like her. Maria Kang posted this picture on Facebook and pissed off a lot of people.


So, yeah. This is the photo that caused all the drama. From what everyone has been saying it’s more the “what’s your excuse” than the photo. I get both sides of it. I get the people that support her and use her as their motivation to get in better shape. I can see taking the attitude of , “she did it and so can I.” I can also see the side of the people who are annoyed… kinda. It can seem pretty braggy to put yourself out there with that caption. To the people that were so heated with this woman though, I had to say, “do you know her?” “was she talking to you personally?” I didn’t understand why they were so passionate about it all.

Maria posted this picture on her Facebook page over a year ago and it just recently went viral with people sharing it like crazy. It’s been shared so much that she’s garnered national attention. I had been hearing about her but then I saw her on Bethenny’s talk show and watched people suck their teeth and roll their eyes at her. It was almost funny. You would have thought that she’d emailed the picture directly to them singing nani nani boo boo! At the end of the day, she could have used different words to not make it so snarky but, I’m not really mad at her. I do wonder how the heck she has enough time to work out like that? She has three small children and runs two businesses. Where is that workout time coming in at?

What about you? Are you offended by this picture and it’s message?Am I being too easy on her?

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  1. I wasn’t mad. I’m on the skinny side, but not toned at all. I know I personally could be if I tried. However, I just really like eating and I don’t have a lot of time to work out.
    I probably would have chosen my words differently if I were her, but she’s a human being and is doing what is best for her and I kinda ended it at thought.
    Nice post, though! It’s thought-provoking.
    Tamara recently posted…Life. You’re Doing It Right. (Sometimes)My Profile

  2. I was one of the people who shared the picture but not in a negative way. I thought it was cool no matter HOW she did it. People brag when they are feeling themselves. Sure sometimes its annoying but like you said, if it wasn’t directed to you keep it moving. I think the messages is intended for those who KNOW they could be doing more. But if you are doing the best you can…you shouldn’t feel bad. Unfollow if you’re uncomfortable. As much as we all want our old bodies back we all have different journeys and means of getting there. Stick with a community of women who inspire and can relate to.
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  3. of course she has time to work out–it’s her JOB. Isn’t she a fitness trainer? We’d all look like that and not have excuses if that was our JOB. That’s what’s offensive about it. It lacks empathy for those other mothers who work full time outside of the fitness field and struggle to find the balance, or those single moms who don’t have someone to watch the kids while she goes for a run. The tone and the implication certainly does rub me the wrong way.

  4. Nicole Murphy looks amazing! I think through the other lady it was the tone in which she did it….it just seemed a bit much especially because she’s probably looked like the most of her adult life even before she had children! She could have been motivating in a different tone!

  5. I can definitely get why some people are upset. I don’t think that anyone is upset that she’s back in great shape after having three kids, but rather the tone she set with her caption. At the end of the day, I do think that we’re too body conscious in our society. I think a lot of people took as a way to shame other moms who don’t have the whole six pack and guns of steel.

    At the end of day, we should be concerned about being healthy on the inside. I know people with a six pack that have high blood pressure. Kudos to her for getting her body back though.
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  6. I am not mad but I did read so many blog posts about it. I think she is willing to make some sacrifices that most of us won’t or can’t. I think I read she gets up super early and I just can’t get up at 5am to work out without waking everyone up. Not do I want to! But didn’t I also read her husband works from home as well? I swear I read that but could be wrong. So basically I am not offended but I am not inspired either lol!

  7. It’s hard to say, but I didn’t really think of this one way or another. I think she look great, and more power to her for sure! I see how that question could rub people the wrong way, and yeah, she could have used a different caption, but the way I see it–you can’t please everyone.
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  8. No, I am not offended by her pic or workout ethic. I did see a show where she was talking to some non-workout mom’s (in their home) and acted like a brat. She had an ego that showed on nat’l tv. Sad really.

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