Now that I’m back to work I’m feeling all the pangs of being a working mom. Of course, I’m missing my babies. I am convinced there is never enough time in the day to do all that needs to be done. It’s almost as if a choice had to be made to either spend time with my family or clean/cook/etc. I now see why so many people have help. Yes, a housekeeper would come in handy these days. Especially for the laundry that never seems to end.

Even with all of this desperation for time, I am convinced that I can squeeze just one more thing in. Working out. Yeah, I know I’m crazy but I gotta find a way to get it in. The up side is that my gym is downstairs from my office. The down side being that I am still nursing so I’m pumping all day while at work. I have to be super focused at work to get stuff done because every 3 hours I disappear to milk the cow, so to speak. This happens three times a day. So when am I supposed to find time to workout? That’s my mission. I was supposed to start working out this week. Well we’ll see how that works. Since I am paying 50 dollars a month for the membership, I had better figure it out even if its just for a half hour.

This mom gig is rough. I swear I could use an extra hour in the day… Or 12.

What’s your big mom dilemma? What would you do with a couple of extra hours?


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  1. I totally agree, there’s not enough hours in a day to get everything done. The laundry at our house is always out of control and let’s not talk about hitting the gym! I do wish I had a little more me time. I’d love to get a massage just a mommy pampering day!
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  2. I totally agree as a mommy (especially a working mommy) there aren’t enough hours in the day!! I gave up my gym memebership, it was a waste of $50 a month. I tried walking with the baby and my friend, but that got boring real fast. Let’s not talk about things around house or cooking!

    On a positive note, I found that making crockpot meals and freezing the leftovers helps save a lot of time. Washing at least a load or 2 a week helps with our little laundry problem (it’s the folding and putting them away I hate). Oh and taking the long way to pick the baby up (or doing a little retail therapy…which I need to stop) helps me to unwind and get a little self time.
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  3. I am afraid that if I had more time I’d squander it. If there were 26 hours in the day those other two hours would be taken by someone or something that wasn’t directly related to me (as in not at the gym, not reading a book, not doing something for me.) Give up on the laundry; it’s never ending. Thirty minutes in the gym is just fine because it is something and you’ll build back up to however long you want. The work/home pang has never left me and my kids are 12, 9, and 3. I still want to be the one who picks them up from school. I still want to have dinner ready earlier. I still wish the house was cleaner. But I’ll tell you this: extra hours in the day would not guarantee these things would happen (well, the house clean or dinner done parts. I’d probably be napping.)
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  4. ah, there isn’t enough room in the comment section for all my issues, lol.
    Right now, balancing life with 2 is hard…giving enough attention to both..still feel like the lil guy gets the shaft, as Connor is the one that is aware and knows what is going on…so he gets most of my attention by default. I know it will all even out in the end, but definitely a challenge.
    JUST started working out again last week- took me 12 weeks post baby to get motivated…I am determined to at LEAST do it once or twice a week..for sanity if nothing else.
    Hope you are well…
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  5. My biggest mom delimma right now is if i should try to go back to working 5 days a week. yes, I only work 3 days a week, but it’s 12 hours each day. I leave my house at 6 and don’t get home until 8. I feel like I miss a chunk of time that I can’t get back on those days. And on my “days off” I am either too tired to get anything done,or I am trying to play with Pookah and spend time with Hubby rather than do everything else. Sigh. I’m working on it though.
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