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As women, we have so many rules. It’s been said for years that you never ask a woman her age or her weight. When we become mothers there is a whole new set of rules. Where do I begin?

  • Don’t question maternity leave

I know a few people (men) who look at maternity leave as an extended paid vacation. To be clear, vacations are meant to be restful and relaxing. There is nothing restful or relaxing about engorged boobs, a sore hoo-ha and a newborn who hasn’t learned the difference between day and night. Trust us, we need we take for maternity leave and then some.

  • Don’t ask why we’re still breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a good thing, people. There have been some people who seem to take it to far (breastfeeding 5 year olds) but, it’s totally normal for a mom to still be nursing a 6 month old baby. I don’t know how many people said to me “you’re STILL breastfeeding” and “You know, you could stop now.” So many people were encouraging me to stop. I have no idea why. My guess is most people that encouraged me to stop, didn’t give it a go themselves. I guess they just found it odd that I was determined to nurse my son for a full year.

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  1. Oh yes! My husband still has not got it through his head that I am NOT on vacation. He gets a whole lot more rest and relaxation than me! I am up all day long. I don’t mind since I am taking care of our kids, but I do wish I didn’t have to add work back into the mix.
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  2. I truly feel that maternity leave here in the States is abysmal! One of my best friends who is Danish had ONE FULL YEAR maternity leave from her job after her first child. Plus, Copenhagen had some sort of program where they had lactation consultants, and nurses that would come to your house and help you with your newborn! 6 or 8 weeks is not enough!
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  3. My husband was in shock when he found out that I got over 16 weeks of maternity leave and he thought it was so cool that I got to just “sit at home” until the day he “sat at home” with me and realized how exhausting it was to have a newborn 24/7.
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