Just last week I had to report for jury duty. Yep, fun times – try to contain yourself.

I thought I was home free. I called to check in everyday and was told not to report. Then on Wednesday night, I called and was told to show up for “The Duty”. I don’t so much mind it. My only fear is being put on some gruesome case that keeps me away from my family far too long.

So, I showed up ready to do my civic duty. As I approached the court house I started to see signs and posters held up by random people. There was also press everywhere. I soon realized that I was reporting to the same courthouse where the Michael Jackson/Conrad Murray trial is taking place. Great.

I have been avoiding the frenzy that is this case and now I was smack dab in the middle of it. As I made my way into the building, I couldn’t help but to sort through my thoughts about the case. The lady I was heading into jury duty with described it perfectly. She said it was a “pathetically sad situation”. I totally agree. No matter the outcome, there are no winners here. No matter what you felt about Michael Jackson – he’s gone. No matter what you feel about Conrad Murray – life as he’s known it is finished too.

I tend to think of it this way. In the game of musical chairs, the music stopped and Dr. Murray was left standing without a chair and holding the needle. Now he has to answer for his actions. His response can’t be “I just did what everyone else had done”. Though that may be true, it doesn’t hold up. There were many doctors before him that catered to the whims of the “King of Pop” and he had to know that the minute he said no there would me someone else to take his place. Still, doesn’t make it right.

The apparent addiction of Michael Jackson is sad, and so are the horrible decisions made by the doctor. That’s what makes this so “pathetically sad”. For weeks on end Dr. Murray showed up at our church. His face was full of tension and he clearly didn’t want to be recognized. It was really sad to see. He had to know this trial was going to take everything he had and it was if he was trying to spiritually prepare himself for the fight. I wish him well.

If it wasn’t Dr. Murray it would have been someone else. From the outside looking in – nothing about this looks good. There’s the death of an insanely talented and equally troubled man and the illegal actions of a doctor who put himself in the role of enabler. I do believe he was horribly negligent and for that he has to be held accountable. I also know that no amount of protesting and press coverage is going to make the outcome better for anyone involved – dead or alive. What’s your take?

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  1. Oh, that’s a tough one. I haven’t followed the case close enough, but it seems there has to be some penalty, to deter Dr. Murray and others from doing the same thing. I’m guessing he has remorse. Just a sad situation.

    Good luck with your jury duty. Hopefully your case is an easy one. 🙂
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  2. I’m worried to comment on jury duty because inevitably I’m gonna get a notice in the mail and around here, you are looking at a week no matter what. Well, great..now I’m gonna get that notice.

    Oh well, I really haven’t followed the MJ story…but it sounds like a lot of poor decision making all around.
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  3. I agree with your take on it. As sad as it was, MJ was an addict. Period. I loved him, so this isn’t a judgment – just the facts. Many doctors over the years have allowed him to purchase what he wanted with no concern for his health or wellness. Murray is the last man standing and somebody has to take some of the heat.
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  4. Pathetically sad is such a good way to describe the situation. I haven’t been following the trial and I don’t have an opinion, but I agree that there are no winners here.
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  5. I have not really followed the case but I think because it’s the King of pop they are giving this a good look through. I don’t blame any side he is gone and there is nothing that will bring him back.
    kita recently posted…Weekend Wrap upMy Profile

  6. I can honestly tell you I have no opinion on the subject. I rarely listen to celebrity news, and I have no clue. What I can agree on is that a musical genius is dead, and that saddens me.

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