Although it’s been super hot here in L.A. this past week – I know, fall is on the way. It’ll sneak up on me when I’m least expecting it. This, I know to be true. I get so used to wearing flip flops during the year that it’s easy for me to forget how cool shoes and boots can be. I  have been stocking up on my shoe collection. Kinda, not on purpose. Take these wedges, for example.


I bought them from Nine West months ago. I was going to send them back because I usually don’t rock tall shoes. I feel like I’m tall enough for the most part. I’m 6′ 1″. I don’t feel like I need another 3 inches added to me. That’s just me. Back to these shoes. They sat in our garage waiting for me to take them back. I kept forgetting about them and now I’ve had them the better part of a year. So last week, I brought them back in the house. It seemed like the right thing to do. I think the peeps at Nine West wouldn’t have been all eager to take them back at this point. So, I have a new pair of shoes… kinda.

I really love the look of wedges and have been drooling over some over the knee wedge boots. I’m feeling like they’re a must have. Now that I’m on the wedge bandwagon, there are a few more that I want to try.


These seem so chic. I could see wearing them with some jeans or a really cute skirt. Oh, the possibilities with these booties! Me likey.

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These give me a real casual vibe. The color screams fall. I’m going to try not to O-D on booties. It would be good for me… or my wallet! What’s your fall fashion favorite? Spill it! I might have to add it to my list. 🙂

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