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Ghost of Halloween Past


Halloween used to be a big deal when I was growing up. In the beginning, my cousins and I would get the standard costumes that came with the plastic face mask. You know the ones where your hot breath would be trapped and you’d end up inhaling steam? Wait, you didn’t have those? Oh, well […] Read more…

I’m Wearing Kanye


Kanye West is known for many things. His most popular attribute seems to be his ego. Then comes his music. Behind that, has to be fashion. He is obsessed with it. He partnered with Gap at one point, designed shoes for LouisVuitton and has been studying with Marc Jacobs for a while now. All this […] Read more…

Enter the Wu


Move over Missoni, there’s a new designer taking over Target! Just about four years ago I had no idea who he was. Then he designed the dress seen around the world. The dress the First Lady wore at the inauguration of the President.  That’s when Jason Wu became “Jason Wu”. Right? If that was his […] Read more…

Flipping Out


Even though Summer is over… you can keep the memories alive with these! Can’t you just see yourself rocking these on your next beach vacation. I bet you could even find them on discount since it’s out of season and all…I know, you’re welcome.  Happy Friday y’all. Read more…

Get Hooked!


Fall is coming and I’m looking forward to it. As much as I love summer and its flowy dresses and flirty sandals I’m looking forward to fall’s fashion. I guess it’s the midwest girl in me.  I’ve always like the fashion of fall best. One thing I’ll be rocking this fall is this cute little […] Read more…