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Selfish Mama: Am I Talking to You?


Not too long ago, I was having a conversation with a friend. She was telling me about something that she’d read. It was a post about motherhood. The author was talking about the need to be a selfish mother. At first, I balked. My thoughts went straight here: You can’t be selfish once you have […] Read more…

Three Ways to Beat the Blahs


I was going to ask you if you ever get a case of the blahs. Then I though about it. Who doesn’t get a case of the blahs every now and then? As a matter of fact, if you’ve figured out a way to avoid them, let me know! I have been feeling a little […] Read more…

Tell me something GOOD


Every week, I try to drop a little dose of motivation. To tell the truth, I write to motivate others AND myself! All mamas need a little “you don’t suck” every now and then, right? The goal in this here space is to move us all to do a little more of what makes us […] Read more…