You may not be guilty. It could just be me. I’ve been guilty of following so many rules. Sometimes too many rules.

Don’t say this. Only say that. Make sure to try this. Never try that.

It can be hard to navigate under so many “rules”. It could also be hard to remember them all.

Why do we even have so many guidelines? They set order, for sure but they also create restrictions. Me no likey restrictions. How much is too much?

I’ve learned that in order to achieve anything, sometimes you have to break a few rules. Especially if you’re a dream chaser trying to create a life you are in love with. And that’s the goal, right? That’s the point of all these dreams.

Here are FIVE rules you should start straight up ignoring TODAY.

break rules

Saying yes to everything – You can’t be everything to everybody. Be choosy about what you give your time and talent to.

Just be it – Whatever “it” is. Start living as if you’ve already achieved it. If you want to be a business owner, start doing things that a business owner would do. It’s kind of “fake it til you make it”. I prefer to see it as stepping into your dream. If we start intentionally living out those things we want, they have no choice but to become real. It’s all about action.

Go for it before you’re ready – Sometimes plans are really a form of procrastination. Trust me, I know this! Sometimes you have to let go of the idea of “getting ready” and just go for it. It’ll force you to figure it out.

Wait for permission – I think that this is something we learn as kids. We are taught to ask for the things that we want and then wait for permission to receive them. That’s still a good idea in many instances. There are times though that you need to know the only one you need permission from is YOU.

Not sharing what you think – You have opinions. We all do. There are times, especially as women, that we pull back. We shut ourselves up when we really should be speaking up. Please know that your ideas, your opinions, your thoughts matter. What you have to say could make a huge difference. If everyone is going left but you know they should go right – say so.

Speaking of sharing your thoughts… (I’m so clever), share your thoughts with me on this. Have you been guilty of any of these? What rules do you need to break?

*This post was inspired by Ali Brown*

47 comments on “5 Rules To Break”

  1. Ok so i’m guilty of saying yes to everyone and everything. Then in the end I’m burnt out or confused. lol. I’m working on becoming more selective and most importantly embracing the “No” when it comes to business. Thanks for sharing #BLM

  2. I am definitely a people pleaser, but I can say no when I have to. The Boston in me makes sure I speak up when needed 🙂

  3. Ahh yes, “go for it before you’re ready.” I love this one! It seems like I always want to wait until I have things all together before I pursue something and often times, it’s just fear speaking. #BLMGirls

  4. It took me a long time to finally stop saying yes to everybody who asked something of me. I have a friend in his 40’s who just learned. I have another friend in his 30’s I’m trying to get to learn the word NO. Don’t know why it is so hard a lesson for some of us.

  5. I’m not sure if you have seen the movie “Yes Man” before. It was about a man who was committed to say yes to everything. I thought that cannot really happen in real life and we must choose to do only what is important.

  6. Sometimes it’s fun and important to break the rules. I try and say yes to as much as I possible can 🙂

  7. What a great post to put up. There really are some norms that I do that I could veer away from for my own good. Asking permission is one of them.

  8. I’ve learnt in a hard way way, saying no is very important in our life. People may get hurt once you refuse them but it is the fact and they need to accept it.

  9. I think i have been guilty of all of these at some point in my life. As i have gotten older i have realized i need to be happy and to stand up for myself. I can not say yes to everyone.

  10. Love this post! I have a bad habit of saying yes all the time. That’s something I need to work on.

  11. For the longest time I said yes to everything that came my way when my husband and I first met. Now that I no longer want to be the yes person, there’s like this dark cloud over me because people just don’t get why the sudden change. Well, because I need to start taking care of me and that means saying no to you and putting me first. Its a hard one for sure.
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  12. I think the first one is the hardest for many women. We have such a hard time saying no! I tend to have trouble speaking up, because I get a lot of flak for going against the flow with my opinions or convictions and I’m sooooo non-confrontational by nature. It’s good to be a rule breaker sometimes! Great list!
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