I have to admit. The first person that came to mind when I saw these pants… Prince! Who else on earth would be rocking these pants? That is, aside from this model who was obviously paid well to do so. They’re men’s trousers and the back of the leg rolls up for a little built in air conditioning. Those black straps are leather. Seems odd to rock leather straps around your legs when you’re rolled your pants up to cool down. No? I don’t understand the point of them. When I look at them, I feel cold. Drafty. They aren’t even cute. Not remotely. The saggy pockets certainly don’t help. Who needs anything sagging on their backside? Any takers??? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

4 comments on “Whose Idea Was This?”

  1. Whoa, do people wear these? It looks like something Lady Gaga would wear (not in a good way). Oh, and thanks for the comment on my blog – I’m glad it inspired you! I’m the least motivated person to clean up, and that website has helped a lot. I think we just need some minor brainwashing and we’ll be good to go :).

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