When I was a child, I don’t know how many times I or one of my cousins heard these words when we were getting too big for our britches: “stay in a child’s place”. That being said, is it me or is Willow Smith growing up really fast? When she first started appearing here and there I thought and still think she’s a cute little girl. I like that she seems to be an independent thinker and has her own style and outlook on things. Pretty cool stuff. I even like her song. I appreciate the message of the song and that the lyrics are age-appropriate. Sometimes though, it seems that while she is whipping her hair back and forth all of her cute, child-like innocence seems to be flying away as well. I have been just sitting back and taking it all in. I tried not to comment either way. Trying to look on the bright side, give the benefit of the doubt. Then, I saw a promo for her upcoming appearance on Oprah and in the timely words of Charlie Sheen “the sleeping giant was awakened”. I’ve looked past her comments about not really going to school (cool, she likely has a tutor) and not keeping up with school work (huh?) and not having rules at home (huh?). I thought well, I like Will and Jada and I’m sure they’re doing what’s best for their kids. Maybe Willow, in her youth, just isn’t articulating it right. Enter the Oprah promo. I’m sitting at my desk and I turn around after I hear Oprah say something about smart kids blah blah blah, my special co-host Willow Smith blah blah, Whip My Hair blah blah. Then, the sound bite… Oprah says to Willow “what does your closet look like” and 10 year old Willow says “guurrl!” That’s it! That’s all they played and that was all I needed to hear to unleash my maternal fury. What in the world is she doing talking to a grown woman like that? I’ve seen her be a little “mature” with other adults in other interviews but this “guurrl” is what clicked with me. Where is the respect for elders? Where is the Ms. Oprah of it all? Where, oh, where is the 10 year old innocence? Just because you’re a fan of Billy Idol and have seen more of the world in your 10 years than many would see in 10 lifetimes…I beg of you, BE A KID! You only get one shot at it. You can be a hot shot superstar whenever the mood strikes – maybe get another 8 or 10 years under your belt first. Maybe, hopefully, I’ll have a new outlook after watching the full episode of Oprah. Here’s hoping…I’m overreacting, right? Sigh…

Just to lighten the mood a bit… insert laugh here.

11 comments on “Whip My Hair or Behind?”

  1. I love Will Smith and Jada (and she scares me just a little)so I can’t imagine this child of theirs being spoiled or bratty. Maybe she knows Oprah pretty well and since we call her Oprah maybe Gurrll is her nickname. Honestly, I have no idea. She should be referred to as Ms. Winfrey as far as I am concerned, even if you do have a hit record at ten.

  2. They lost me at “gurrrl.”
    That is just sad.

    Talking to an adult like that would NEVER have occured to me!!

    But as to your comment:

    “I beg of you, BE A KID! You only get one shot at it. You can be a hot shot superstar whenever the mood strikes – maybe get another 8 or 10 years under your belt first,”

    1. She probably doesn’t even know what ‘being a kid’ means.
    …and 2. It’s unlikely that a 10-year-old child will understand this common sense if her own parents don’t.

  3. I 100% agree with you CAM. I did not see all of the show but I saw ebough to think very differently of her and her parents. I know my opinion does not count but in about 10-15 years she will be another Lindsey Loenhan and Paris Hilton. Ouch did I say that? Yes I did. The writing is on the wall. Stop being your child’s friend and be the parent you should be.

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