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Miss me? Well, I missed you! I fell off the grid for minute. It’s been busy around these parts. My little princess has infant acid reflux and it is taking its toll on her and us. She’s handling it as best she can but she’s in pain at times and has a hard time resting. Not exactly how I envisioned her first few months of life. Her doctor says she will grow out of it in a month or two. I’m praying it’s sooner rather than later. She’s a little trooper! Always laughing, talking and flashing that beautiful gummy grin!

My little guy has been doing great. He’s started pre-school. He really likes it most days. He has homework, y’all! We have a folder of work he needs to turn in by the end of the month. He’ll be getting this folder full of homework every month. He’s in the big leagues now!  He won’t be three until November! I’m sure he’s farther along than I was at his age! He’s obsessed with Disneyland. He talks about the place daily. It’s on our short list of places to take him. Whenever we get in the car, he asks to go eat food or to go to Disneyland. This child is focused!

As for me, I have been watching way too much HGTV! Now I want to move – bad. Womp! I’m sure my husband is over my obsession with House Hunters, Property Brothers, Property Virgins, Love it or List it, etc. All I know is, whenever we move, I have an awesome lists of must-have’s!

What’s been up with you?

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  1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear your little girl has acid reflux. That is painful for a little baby to have. I know you’re looking forward to her growing out of it. I’ll be keeping her in my prayers for you.

    As for the little man, I’m so surprised that they have that much homework for pre-school! What ever happened to the days when they went there, learned a little and played a little. Times have changed.
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  2. I hope the little one grows out of her acid reflux soon. I’m glad your son is enjoying pre-school. I totally understand your obsession with HGTV!!
    We just got back for a little vacation to the beach. It was my son’s first time seeing the ocean. We had a blast!
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  3. Heyyy! you really have been missed ma’am.

    I hope baby girl gets better sooner than later too. My niece had the same thing and it was hard on her and her parents.

    Jas started pre-school too and she loves it so much. she gets 2 sheets of homework mon-thurs and she really enjoys that part lol.

    I LOVEEEE HGTV. i cant watch it for hours on end. It makes me wanna build things lol
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