via elev8.comCourage is a crazy thing. We have to pull it out of nowhere all the time. When you’re doing a presentation at work, when you have to dive into the river to save your pet – that my friends, is courage. In the prompt this week one of the options was to have the courage to make a vlog. I do not possess that type of courage. I did, however, really like the prompt and so I chose it anyway. Does that mean I’m breaking the rules? I think Mama Kat will forgive me, right? She’s cool like that. I chose the prompt because I sometimes have a conversation that goes something like this:

Random Person: What’s your blog called?

Me: Bibs & Baubles

RP: ?

So, I thought, let me take this opportunity to explain. I named my blog Bibs & Baubles for a few reasons. I had been talking to a friend off and on about getting back into blogging. I was so excited about it and just wanted to get writing. I had to think of a name first and that was so HARD! Especially because a lot of the names I wanted to try were taken at! Then one night the name came to me out of the blue. So, while I was driving to work (on my hands-free cell) I called my friend and said – I got it! I’m naming my blog Bibs & Baubles. And she said “Bibs & what?” I thought, “this can’t be a good sign.” But I ran with it anyway. I think that the Bibs part clearly indicates that I’m a mommy. The Baubles taps into my stylish, girly side. Since my blog is about merging the many sides of me I thought the name of my blog should represent that as well. I think Bibs & Baubles is a great illustration of that. I don’t remember other options that I considered. I’m sure they’re written down somewhere in a notebook of random thoughts.

This was written as part of Mama Kat’s World Famous Writer’s Workshop
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  1. I like that you broke the rules (I think I might have bent some with my Spring post, too). 🙂 This vlogging thing does seem to take a bit of courage. I don’t think I’m ready for that either! Glad you found a blog name that suits you.

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