Dear Diego,

My son thinks you’re awesome. I don’t know what you’ve done to my little guy but as soon as you hit the screen he goes into this crazy hopping dance.

Digeo hopping dance

He starts waving at the TV and saying “Hi, Diego”, “I was looking for you, Diego”. He’s just as nuts about your home girl, Dora. I’m not sure how I feel about all of this.

"Hi Diego!"

I mean, why are you two little kids, running free through the jungle and all over the world? How old are you, anyway? Diego, why is your pet a baby jaguar. You can’t be any older than three or a very short 5 year old. Isn’t a jaguar a bit dangerous? Dora, you’re not off the hook here. Don’t you roll with a Monkey? Odd, very odd.

My husband and I have been talking about you two and we’re wondering… where are your parents? You lead these amazing lives that take you through the jungles, through the woods and to snowy mountains and there never really seems to be an adult in sight that might be related to you two. I have no choice but to believe that you’re really tiny spies. Your smallness is really just a part of a well thought out uniform.

These songs you have my son singing… are they filled with covert messages that only children can understand. That would totally explain why he thought it was OK to tell me “My room, Mommy. Go away.” Yes, Deigo and Dora, I blame you! We’ll be keeping an eye on you. Trust.

With an eagle eye,

15 comments on “I’m Watching You”

  1. lmao! this really cracked me up!

    Jas doesn’t watch these shows at home but I think she does at daycare because she knows them. I always wonder where the adults are too! lol but then I think maybe they are just using their imaginations and these things are “really” happening lol like in Yo Gabba Gabba. Just playing pretend.( isn’t DJ Lance Rock a tad old to be playing with toys and playing pretend? lol)
    Krissy recently posted…Family days areeeeee awesomeeeee( a la Dj Lance Rock)My Profile

  2. I wonder about all those shows. I understand that they teach kids counting, but they also are teaching kids unrealistic things when it comes to messing with dangerous animals or animals in general. Just the other day Moo asked if she could get her own baby jaguar like Diego.

    Needless to say,the answer was no.
    YUMMommy recently posted…Making ProgressMy Profile

  3. Ha ha! I loved this! Luckily we don’t watch Diego or Dora but I completely agree with you! Where are their parents, lol! Mickey is the king in this house and my two year old goes NUTS when he comes on TV. I don’t get it.
    Barbara recently posted…The Music of my LifeMy Profile

  4. True! There are really weird sides of some cartoons even if we think they are child friendly. I try to inspect the programs my kids wanted to watch before I let them see it.

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