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Eighty percent of most people’s thoughts are negative.

I read this recently and was floored! That’s huge!

If you’ve been around here for any amount of time you know how I feel about words. I am a writer, so I’m a bit of a word nerd anyway. My love affair with words goes deeper than that though. I believe very strongly in the power of words. I tend to be very careful about the things that I say AND the things that I think. What we think about tends to make its way out of our mouths at some point. For that reason, I regularly shut down any negative thoughts I have about myself and others. The same goes for the things I say.

Instead of talking about all of the things I can’t do or all the things I don’t want, I try to focus on the things I do want and the things I can do. It’s a simple thing, really. The simplest things really do make the biggest difference though. If we’re trying to lose weight, simply giving up soda makes a huge difference. So when we’re focused on living our best life, why wouldn’t taking limiting words away have a huge impact?

You won't have to watch what you say is

I was scrolling Facebook a few weeks ago and my buddy BernettaStyle issued a challenge. She and her friends had made a promise to commit for 30 days to get rid of negative words. She then issued the challenge to her FB friends who wanted to join in. Of course, I was all for it.

They say that it takes 21 days to make something a habit. It we give ourselves 30 days we should be well on our way to inviting loads of positivity into our world. I’m down for that! Some of the things I’ve focused on kicking to the curb are “I can’t” and “I don’t want”. Instead of thinking of what I can’t do I’ll focus on what I can do and what I can learn to do. Instead of talking about what I don’t want, I’ll spend my energy working for what I do want – for 30 days!

We all know small changes make a big difference. Let’s make this small change together. You in?

What small changes have made the biggest difference for you?


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  1. I am DEFINITELY guilty of speaking before I think and I have gotten myself in trouble quite a few times by doing so.

  2. If you teach yourself how to think positively, there would be less complications in life. To be honest, we just spend a lot of time thinking about our problems.

  3. Camesha, I accept the challenge! This is something that has whispered at me time and time again when I think or say something negative- I hurt no one as much as myself when I allow myself to dwell on negativity. I too work in a place where there are a lot of negative people dealing with a lot of stress… but time and time again I have experienced the positive energy that can change a negative crowd, coming from one positive person. Whoosh…can I go 30 days? Of course! See you on the ‘other side’! Thank you so much for the uplifting post!
    Margo recently posted…Neglect and ConsequencesMy Profile

  4. I am glad to be one of the 20%ers. I find it’s a waste of time and mental energy to say and think in negative terms. There is a lot of noise out there, but when I lay head to pillow, I know that I have not said or done anything to harm anyone else, therefore, I can sleep like a baby!
    Antionette Blake recently posted…Domain.ME then #HireMEMy Profile

  5. I truly believe that in order to live positive lives we have to do more than speak words, we have to think and believe those words. It can be easy to speak them and then let our minds convince ourselves that opposite is true. I like to start my day with prayer and positive declarations. It’s amazing how much smoother my days feel because of this small change.
    K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy recently posted…Monster High: Boo York, Boo York {Giveaway}My Profile

  6. This is great! I have been trying to be better about this lately. I need to work on my nagging. I drive myself crazy so I can only imagine how my family feels. Thanks for putting this challenge out there!
    Jen K recently posted…My PlaylistMy Profile

  7. Sounds like a great challenge! Yesterday I caught myself being really negative about something I had to do and being very stressed and agitated about it. Then I remembered to turn it around, and changed my self-talk to the ways that completing this would improve my life, how blessed I was to have the opportunity, etc. It changed my stress level and how I handled the task. It’s all about attitude!
    Erika recently posted…Social Media is Great for Business but How Do You Stay Consistent with It?My Profile

  8. I wish I could bridle my tongue!! Just yesterday I spoke too much and ended up in trouble with a close friend. It’s then that the negative thoughts pound me. This is a great challenge and maybe I can do better tomorrow!

  9. I love the idea of taking the words “I can’t” and “I don’t want” out of my vocabulary! A small change I’ve made that’s made a huge difference in my life is giving up diet drinks. I know this has nothing to do with words, but it’s helped me in so many ways! I can say “I don’t want a diet coke now!!” 😉
    Beth~ A Disney Mom’s Thoughts recently posted…All About Disney’s Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage | A Disney Mom’s ThoughtsMy Profile

  10. 80% are negative. That’s a lot of negative thinking. I find that small changes can make a huge impact. Little tweaks in how we organize our lives, use our time, or in how we think about things are worth the effort when they save us time and hassle.
    Angela recently posted…Types of Stay-at-Home MomMy Profile

  11. I love this challenge … and after reading this I am going to save this and share it with my family..and challenge them to more of a positive out look in life ..Thank you for sharing

  12. Great post! I’m definitely guilty of negative thoughts from time to time. I’m totally in for the challenge. I also take the word “try” out of my vocabulary. It makes me commit more to the things I want.

  13. This is a great reminder of the power of positive thinking. Thanks for that. I am currently visiting with my sisters, who I see very rarely and I’m struck by how negative both of them are. I think I might have to share this with them!

  14. Oh, the negative self-talk, it’s a killer of dreams, motivation, determination. I really struggle with it, but your post inspired me to be more mindful of what my thoughts are. The Bible says to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. We are to renew our minds and be transformed into His image. Oh, how I want that, not just for my own benefit, but also for the benefit of those around me. I once went on a retreat where the speaker handed our purple rubber bracelets that said, “Gripes be Gone!” Every time we complained during the day, we had to stop and transfer the bracelet from one wrist to another to make us more aware of our thoughts- and words.
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  15. The biggest small changes that I have made have been reducing sugar intake by slowly eliminating sweetened products than baking with alternatives like date sugar and coconut sugar and stevia. It has made an amazing difference in my life to be rid of sugar and by using small steps it wasn’t that hard.
    Rebekah @ Surviving Toddlerrhood recently posted…Introducing Andrew CMy Profile

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