If your daughter decides to hit the pole at 18, you’d probably question yourself. Where did you go wrong? Why did she make that choice? At the end of the day though, it would have been her choice as a consenting adult. Sucky choice, but her choice.

The same can’t be said when it’s a toddler on the pole! That’s the story with a studio in England. The place is called Make Me Fabulous. Let’s stop there for a minute and take that in – Make Me Fabulous. OK. Moving on.

This studio charges five pounds an hour for little girls to learn the art of pole dancing in a class called Little Spinners. You read that right. They are teaching little girls, as young as three, how to pole dance! What has this world come to? Seriously. Who is signing their kids up for this crap? The instructor says the class keeps the girls in shape as well as providing a boost to their self-esteem. Are there no other ways to achieve these goals? You know, things that don’t involve a pole? Just a thought.

The dance lessons are held in a room filled with pink feather boas and mirrors. Sounds very Moulin Rouge to me. Yeah, I don’t remember any three-year-old’s in that movie. I wonder why!? Some of the exercises include little girls ages 3 to 7 sliding down a pole while holding their legs in a “V” shape. Speechless. This is worse than the breast feeding doll.

23 comments on “Tots on the pole”

  1. Ah yes, signing daughters up for them to pole dance for nasty men who come pay them to see them get naked…yes, that is a boost to their self esteem!

    OMG! This is insane!

  2. OMG! 5 quid a class for pole dancing for TODDLERS?! There is NO way a pole dancing class can possibly EVER increase self esteem for a 3 year old, innocent little girl. Regular ‘ol dances classes, soccer classes, karate…sure I can see how those would increase self esteem for kids but not pole dancing. This makes me sick, even more sick than those “toddlers and tiaras” type shows.

    • it just seems like people want to make kids grow up too fast. this is beyond that – why would you want you child to know how to work a pole?

  3. WHAT!!! This is absurd! Wait…does it involve a taping of the Real Housewives England? I suppose poll dancing Barbie will be next. She does already look the part….

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