I really thought things would work out. I had great expectations. Those expectations die a little everyday. I just knew my son and my “(dog)daughter” would be the best of friends. I had all these grand ideas of her being his first best friend. So far, it ain’t happening. Don’t get me wrong, he absolutely loves her. She, on the other hand, is absolutely terrified of him. Every since he gained mobility, Lola has been on the run. She hides under the bed or just runs to the other side of the room when she sees him coming. It could be because he always comes at her with is hand in the air ready to pounce on her. Just a thought. I am pretty sure PETA would have a problem with him. We certainly tell him and show him how to be gentle. I am beginning to think that adult gentle and one year old gentle are not the same. Not even close. He does love it when she licks his hand or foot. He thinks that’s the funniest thing ever. She sneaks and gives him kisses and then runs away. It’s as if she’s letting him know that she still likes him but, she knows she has to be careful. She’s one smart dog. I am encouraged when I see them chasing each other around the coffee table. That gives me hope that my dreams aren’t completely dashed. One day my “kids” will be best buds. Just not quite today.

6 comments on “This Isn’t Working”

  1. I had the same hopes for B and the cats.
    Not to be.
    And George, one of the cats, was fairly aggressive. Not mean, just not at all gentle.
    So we re-homed him with my ex, who was his real person for so many years.
    And now we just have Aspen. And she wants no part of B.
    Poor old kitty. She just wants to sleep in the sunny window and he just wants to “pet” her. I use “” with pet because it is more like pounding than petting.

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