There is nothing like becoming a parent to make you take a closer look at yourself.  It’s like holding up a mirror and seeing all of your flaws crystal clear. I’ve found that I pay more attention to what I do AND what I say! Some things that were totally harmless before don’t seem OK anymore. This is true, especially when it comes to my words. I was never much for cursing which works out – because that’s one less thing for me to cut out now. I do still need to watch what comes out of my mouth. Here are a few things that I am trying not to say in front of the wee one:

  • Shut up – I used to say this all the time. You know those times when someone would say something that’s outrageous or shocking. My response would be, shut up! Yeah, I’ve been letting this one go. I could just see him shouting that to his teacher when they say something outrageous. Teacher: Let’s change your diaper! LJ: Shut up! It could happen! To him a diaper change is totally outrageous.
  • Booty – If you are taking too long you might hear me say, “move your booty!” I might use the word booty for any number of reasons. Or even butt. Not so much anymore. R.I.P Booty – you will be missed
  • I don’t care – Who hasn’t let this phrase fly? I mean, sometimes, I really don’t care. I also really don’t want this repeated the next time I tell LJ something. He’s not allowed to not care about something…yet.
  • This sucks – Yep. I used to wear this phrase OUT! Let’s face it, a lot of things do SUCK! Being late sucks. Burning dinner sucks. Forgetting the diaper bag sucks. I just keep all sucky situations to myself now.

It seems my current barometer on what’s OK for me to say is “would I be cool with my son saying it on the playground?” If I would cringe at him saying it – then I try not to say it around him. When they say you get to re-live your childhood through your kids, they don’t mention this stuff. I wasn’t allowed to say any of these things when I was growing up and history is repeating itself. My son is totally my censor. Pfft. Who knew?  Have you changed how you speak?

14 comments on “Things I Can’t Say”

  1. Argh! Just when I thought our relationship was blossoming, you go and post a scary cat pic! *lol*
    Yes, I’ve found myself having to dial back my comments while driving. The other day someone cut me off and I said, Thanks sh*thead. Well, uh later on, my son turned that one word into a son. =( I’m gonna do better!
    MrsTDJ recently posted…The Danger of Imaginary FriendsMy Profile

  2. Lol I have not changed my language at all but I need to because the kids are picking it up. I do try not to use I don’t care at all but the others I will have to work on.
    kita recently posted…Talk TuesdayMy Profile

  3. Ooh, this would be hard. I don’t have kids, so I frequently use all of those phrases, but I have to imagine reinventing yourself for the sake of raising decent kids is hard, but necessary!
    Q recently posted…MILF & CookiesMy Profile

  4. My husband thinks it is hysterical when our son repeats something he shouldn’t say. I remember the last time he said “Oh my God mom” and he’s only 2! I’m sure if he didn’t get so much positive reinforcement he wouldn’t say half the stuff he isn’t supposed to. I’ve been really trying to watch what I say more and more though because now that parrot stage has arrived.
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