It’s my fault. I watched it. All three parts!

Why on earth did I let myself watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion??? Why didn’t you stop me? All.Three.Parts. I’m convinced I’ve lowered my IQ just by watching the foolishness. They went so far as to argue over tweets, people!!! Who tweeted what and who is following who – on TWITTER! Yes, they argued about it. Recessionista is my witness. We talked about this mayhem, on twitter of course! We were both outraged but, couldn’t turn away from the train wreck we were watching.

If I wasn’t sure before, I know now, I couldn’t be a “real” housewife. I think I keep it too real. As in, I would just stop dealing with those crazy folks, contracts or not. I’m not about to raise my blood pressure over a tweet. Seriously, I’d be the first to check out, throw up my two fingers and tell them chicks, “it’s been real”.

Yes, they wouldn’t like me because I wouldn’t bring the unnecessary drama. That’s cool. I’ll wait around for the real show about being a housewife or just a wife period. You know that show that delves into the lives of the working mama or the real stay at home mom. The mama who is always over scheduled because she’s trying to build a thriving career, loving marriage and raise well-rounded children. The mom who isn’t depending on the nanny to guide her kids through life. Yeah, when that show is in production – holla at me! Until then, be a friend, somebody hide my remote!

16 comments on “They Can’t Be “Real””

  1. Girl, the reunion was a HOT mess! I am wondering how much of this is orchestrated and where their real personalities begin.

    Oh when you do find the REAL HOUSEWIFE show, please let me know! LOL.
    This Cookn’ Mom recently posted…Pregnant?My Profile

    • I agree with you on this! I kept hearing about the show and all the nonsense that goes on it, and I really have other things to kill time on other than watching people act a fool on tv.

      I agree with Cam, I WOULD watch a show that talks about real housewives or stay at home moms, or working moms trying to get it all done.
      KalleyC recently posted…Monday Musings & Potty TrainingMy Profile

  2. The sad thing is just three of them are housewives…they are just hot messes all
    Around..guess it makes for good
    Tv. Hubby just shakes his head at me when I watch these shows!!

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