Having never been a teen mom, I don’t know what it’s like. Is it hard work and sacrifice or magazine covers and red carpets? Well, if you happen to be a teen mom on the MTV hit Teen Mom then your reality could be the latter. Full disclosure, I haven’t seen any of the show but I still can’t seem to escape it. Every magazine stand I pass has a cover featuring someone from the Teen Mom cast. What is all the hoopla about? Is it a Real Housewives-like guilty pleasure? It just seem from the surface to be glorifying teen parents. None of the parents featured have been covered in positive headlines. It’s always some drama. The kicker for me was a headline on E!’s website about cast members Amber and Gary walking the red carpet. Granted ,it was a red carpet in for a pre-Oscar party in Hamilton, Ind. but still. Why? Whose idea was this?  What was the purpose? Every thing I’ve seen of the kids on this show says trouble, drama, issues. It’s like a gleaming PSA for kids of what not to do. Maybe that’s the point of the show? Doubtful. What am I missing here? Are there teens on the show with something positive to offer? You know other than court orders and jail time? It just seems to glorify the issue that is teen pregnancy without offering anything positive.  What’s the message of the show? Is it being obscured by the now celebrity of these teens? There’s something good in there, right? Should I just watch the show?

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  1. I watch the show. I wouldn’t say that it really glorifies the matter of teen pregnancy. The way the show is shot, it displays the process and the everyday life of the teens. It is true in fact that a lot of them have issues in their lives however all of them but 1on this season have graduated, working and in college. I think the point behind the show is to display that the lifestyle isn’t glamorous but they are triumphing in order to provide a good life for their children. somewhere in this whole thing I think the main point of why there is a show has maybe been lost in translation thanks to the media!

    • Ima – I was hoping that was the case. I got so thrown when I saw magazine covers and stuff featuring these kids and the headlines were always about something negative. Thanks for shedding some light. 🙂

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