Happy Monday!

It was a pretty low-key weekend around these parts. My weekend started like this…

beach bibsbaublesI took the kids to our favorite beach for a little afternoon fun. They are such beach kids! As soon as my son sees the water, he’s instantly excited! My daughter is crazy about the sand and loves to try to run out into the ocean – by herself. No bueno. Mama is not having that. I keep us a good distance from the water for that reason!

We stayed at the beach until the sunset. My son was so excited to watch the sun go down. It was probably one of the highlights of his day.

beach bibsbaublesOn Saturday, we had friends over for dinner. They brought venison. We did the side dishes. Have you had venison before. It was my first time and I wasn’t sure how I would like it. I’m not sure how I thought it would taste but it wasn’t odd at all. It was actually pretty tasty. Sunday was church and a hanging at the Grove. It seems like we tend to end up there every Sunday these days. I was stuck on these yummy pastries and tarts…

pastry bibsbaublesI resisted. It wasn’t easy. Le sigh…

I swear my days are starting to run together around here. It’s been so busy, it’s hard to tell one day from the next. What I do know, is today is MLK Day and I have plans to take it in with the bambinos. I am thinking we are going to hit up one of the museums. There are activities going on centered around the holiday. It should be fun. I am going to keep it light for them and not try to drill into my son all of the particulars of what this day is for. I do want to make sure we acknowledge it though.


That’s what’s up with me. What’s up with you? Any MLK activities? Weekend shenanigans?

11 comments on “Sweet Tooth, Holiday and Sunsets”

  1. I really love that you are going to spend the holiday really experiencing the holiday not just talking (or overtalking lol) to your children about it. My kids and I have spent some time reflecting on it today and I’m going to make sure to really have something cool set up for us to do for it next year.
    Also, the bakery items look so AMAZE… I would hope, I too would have been able to resist but errr uhhh…LOL…
    I’m SistaTV from the Tribe as well!
    SistaTV recently posted…SistaTV and the Class Field Trip… Jesus be a Xanax…My Profile

  2. Hi Gamesha! I am coming to you all the way from your new SITS tribe! What a wonderful MKL weekend! I love the beaches and hope to get to one asap…lord knows I need to. I love that you had indulged too! What a nice blog and post I enjoyed reading it! 🙂

  3. What a wonderful time at the beach in the sand and doing MLK activites with your children. I wasn’t able to do any MLK activites because I worked. But this pass weekend was relaxing and totally my weekend. I went to a movie this weekend with my girlfriend and we saw “Ride Along.” with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart is so funny he makes me laugh so hard :)I also rented the movie “Fruitvale Station.” Actors were Michael b. Jordan and Kevin Durandy and it was based on a true story. On a scale to 1 to 10 I would rate it a five. But I really enjoyed my laid back weekend.

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