I don’t care what you say… most some celebrities are NOT like us! I could give you a million reasons why. I’ll start here with this one. Suri Cruise. Her parents are superstars who may have even come from humble beginnings but it seems their little girl won’t be following in their humble footsteps. It seems Suri has a closet many grown women would envy. The four year old has a collection of shoes worth $150K! That’s more than many people pull in for a year’s work! I know it’s nothing for them to spend a couple hundred here and there on shoes for their little princess but, seriously! Even at a couple hundred a pop that’s still a lot of shoes. As fast as kids feet grow, it seems like such a waste. Word on the street is she’s a fan of Christian Louboutin and Marc Jacobs. So am I, Suri. The girl has taste.

P.S. Her wearing heels is a whole other topic.

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