Memorial Day unofficially kicked off summer. It’s time to wear white, keep the legs shaved and the pedicures are a must instead of an option.

Even though it’s warm most of the year here in L.A. I still get excited about summer. I think it’s because the days are longer and if I’m honest good weather and longer days keep me in a pretty good mood.

Here are my top five reasons this summer is gonna rock!


My daughter will be a year old!!! Why is time flying by? I swear it seems like I JUST had her!

Hot temps

I am a fan of the heat. That just gives me more reasons to make my way to the beach on the weekends for a little cool down. I expect to be jumping in the pool more often for a little cool down.


Beach days

I am trying not to let it be lost on me that I live in southern California. I don’t want to get so used to living here that the beach becomes ho-hum. I plan on getting my family out there pretty often this summer. The more, the better.

Warm, breezy nights

I love sleeping with the windows open and getting that nice breeze flowing through the house. It’s so much better than central air. The breezy nights also makes for great walks through the neighborhood, on the pier, or a sweet date night somewhere with the hubs.

Summer trip

We seem to try to get out of the city at least every summer. Even if that trip is going home to see family. This year, I want to try and squeeze in two trips. I’d like to go see family, of course and I’d also like to do a family trip with just the hubs and the kids. We’ll see.

What are you looking forward to this summer?


20 comments on “Summer’s Gonna Rock!”

  1. Anytime we get a chance to get away to the beach is awesome! We’re planning a trip to Florida for Hubby’s birthday in July. We’re going to make it a family trip. 🙂

    Baby girl is going to be one already! Wow!!

  2. A year already…goodness time stand stills for no one. It will be hot I have some free tickets to a water park that I need to use but around here summer will be on focusing on my business and learning some new stuff.

  3. normal weather is what im looking forward to. We’ve been unseasonal all year in cali and I just want it even out a bit. I just plan to spend more time outdoors and maybe possibly make a trip up north for a weekend.
    Krissy recently posted…Weekend funMy Profile

  4. I’m looking forward to having my baby boy!! Can’t wait to meet him! I’m also looking forward to doing some fun things around town with my almost 3 year old. I’m thinking a trip to Sea World, the zoo and lots of days at the splash pad will be an awesome summer for her! Hopefully next year we can make it to the beach!
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  5. coming home would be fantastic. the last time I saw you was way too brief and before those beautiful babies. It’s been too long……

  6. I feel your sentiments about summer. But my summers always seem to get booked up way too quick. We already have a function to attend every weekend in June and part of July- I am not sure we can squeeze in even one beach trip 🙁
    The Mrs./The Mom recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  7. I’m off of Fridays during the summer. So, I’m really looking forward to that. My sister is coming for a visit this month. I’m taking a trip with a couple of my girlfriends. We’re also planning a family vacation and anything else we can squeeze in.
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  8. We have a first birthday coming here too! Next week. Then my daughter’s fourth and then my 33rd. I guess that doesn’t sound as cool as one or four. We have a house in Cape Cod so we’ll do that and maybe some summer concerts at Tanglewood. I love summer so much and it’s fleeting here in New England. I love what you said about keeping the beach special.
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  9. I’m all about open windows too – it’s the best part of summer! Growing up in Ohio I would hear crickets but now in the city I hear mostly street sounds like sirens and screeching cars. It’s amazing how we adjust, isn’t it?!
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