I don’t know that I’ve even mentioned it here but, I write weekly for a site based in Australia. It’s called Style Hunter Kids. Today, I’m sharing my latest post for the site here. Ch-ch-check it out!

2014-02-11_21-19-54 My son recently had a day out of school for a public holiday. Whenever he’s home for the whole day, I have to be in planning mode. Being a boy (high energy) and being a preschooler, he wants to do a lot more than my one year old. It takes a lot more to keep him engaged. That means I have to have a game plan from the minute we get moving in the morning, with lots of kids activities. I always want to find things that will be a learning experience and things that just burn energy!

He definitely keeps mama on her toes. So, I thought about a few fun kids activities I could share with other mums that burns some energy while working the brain.

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