Recently, I was reading an article on the Huffington Post. It was about seven things that you need to stop saying once you’re over 30. Here are some of the words listed in the article. Totes, amazeballs, cray or cray-cray and adorbs. I have to admit, I used to hear these around the office at all times. Most of the time, it was a woman over thirty using it. Another one that I heard often was “presh”, you know instead of precious.

In myReading this article got me to thinking about a few things. Why is it that we no longer want to say a full word anymore? LOL! We totes can’t be bothered with the extra syllables. It started with all of the acronyms. TTYL, TIA, BRB and so on…  I blame all the texting we do and of course, Twitter. Nobody wants to type a full novel in a text and Twitter only lets you type so much. Them the rules, yo!

The other thing I thought about are other words and phrases that I hear all of the time.

“In my feelings”

“Feeling some kind of way”





Are these words/phrases off limits for those of us over thirty? Who decides when you’re too old to say certain things. I’ve heard the rule is, if your kids are saying it, you don’t. HA! What say you?

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  1. I say hunty and yazzzz to my girlfriends. It is solely reserved for them because we have our own language and those two phrases are sometimes all that has to be said.

    I think none of them should be used in a professional setting.

  2. the first part of that list are things I’ve never said anyway. . . whats totes? lmao

    The second part of that list is fine with me. Sometimes folks are in their feelings and things warrant a YASSSS lol! And some of those things on that second list are exclusive to “Urban” folks.
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  3. Ha, I totally say amazeballs, Yas and adorbs when I’m talking to girlfriends or my adult daughter! I would never say these words/phrases in the office. I find that I normally say them via text so yes this is a new generation! 🙂
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  4. I don’t have…I have to agree with some of those. I cringe when I see someone over 30 using totes and adorbs. It is like they are trying so hard to be cool and hip. I think it’s okay to say it in a friend setting, out drinking with the gals, etc. But to use it everyday? No, just, no!
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