While at work the other day I was minding my own beeswax – writing a script. I was completely in writing mode and focused. Then I heard something pretty abnormal for my workplace. A child was crying. Immediately, my focus was broken. There is something about the sound of a child these days that stops me in my tracks. This baby crying sounded like my little boy.  Mama, was on full alert! My heart jumped! Then the crying abruptly stopped. So I kept writing. Then, of course, the baby started wailing again.  It was clearly one of my colleagues editing some video. My body didn’t care. My heart jumped EACH and EVERY time. They played that clip over and over again  as they were editing. I couldn’t believe how much it was affecting me. It was like “I have to save this baby!” Crazy, I know. After a minute, I got up to go pay a visit to my colleagues and tell them what was going on. First, they looked at me with a smile and then they just laughed at me. Totally the reaction I was expecting. Being that neither of them have children, I’m convinced they think I’m a nut. I  can’t help myself. I have a reaction to children. Whether they are laughing, talking or crying – especially, crying. I guess it’s lucky for me I’m no longer lactating.

6 comments on “Save That Baby!”

  1. Camesha, you should try having a part-time kid. That makes you even more loopy because the weeks you don’t have her you think you forgot and left her somewhere. Or you hear kids laughing in a store and your mom alert goes up and you think you forgot she was with you in the store. Or when she is with you she appears next to your bed in the middle of the night staring at you and scares the @#$%! out of you because you aren’t used to her being in the house.

    I totally get what you are talking about. It is real and it will get your heart racing! You’re a good mummy!

  2. Hahaha. This could have been me. The other day I saw a distressed toddler in a supermarket. She was so cute and helpless and seemed so lost (and her mum couldn’t be bothered to comfort her). It brought tears to me eyes. Now here’s crazy for you.

  3. LOL! I so relate…I can go to the store alone..(rarely..but still) and the moment I hear a kid say “MOM” “MOMMY” or any such variation..I turn my head and!

    Found you via Follow Me Back Tuesday…loving your blog!

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