Victoria Beckham is working against me. I don’t know why? I want to be her friend, financially – but it’s not working out. Here’s what I mean, I LOVE her line of dresses. They just scream LADY! The cut is fantastic and I would love to slip right into one. Kelly Rowland rocked this one recently.


Until then, I hadn’t priced Vicky’s pieces. Well, my dreams of rocking this frock were crushed. The price tag for this dress included four numbers ($1,825). That dream dress is not going to happen! Womp, womp! Then, I read about her starting a more reasonably priced line and I hoped on over to check it out. These dresses are younger looking and not as structured in the cut. They are said to be inspired by Emily the Strange – some sort of counterculture character. Odd, but still fab. The line will debut in Spring 2011.


I was hoping to catch a deal and clean up! That didn’t happen. Clearly our definition of reasonable is  somewhat different. The dresses still range in price from $550 to 900! Sadly, I won’t be in line for that one. I have a mortgage to pay. Why is she determined to not see me rocking her wares?

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