One woman can only run for so long.

All I’ve been hearing about his how bad this flu season is this year. Everybody get your flu shot is all I hear all over. I have never been a fan of that shot. My reason? The first time I got the sucker, I got everything but the flu! It was like, you might have the plague, but it’s not the flu.

Well, this year, everybody in my house go the shot but me. I meant to get it, but mama gets too busy doing a million other things. So, I didn’t get around to it.

Then, my little family started dropping like flies. First, my son had a fever. It lasted for three days. The minute he gets better, my baby girl gets the fever and some flu symptoms. She gets better over a weekend and sure enough on Monday my husband is sick. He got the fever, cough and straight up flu.

Of course, I played my part in helping everybody get better. I thought I was nearly superwoman fighting off their cooties. The freaking joke’s on me.


On Wednesday, it started with a cough. On Thursday, I was full on fighting the flu!!! Chills, sweat, aches – ugh! This is what you call a man down situation! The hubs was still sick and trying to take care of me.

I am somehow on the mend. Not one hundred percent but getting there. I still don’t know how I feel about a flu shot. I mean, if we all get sick no matter what, what’s the point?

That’s how I spent my weekend. Laid up. Sick. While it was gorgeous 70’s weather out here.

I did manage to catch #BeyonceBowl, did you? How did you spend your weekend?

15 comments on “One Flu Over!”

  1. Oh man, I feel for you. I don’t get the flu shot either because I always get sick without fail with or without. The one year I was responsible I got a strain which wasn’t the one I was vaccinated for…cuz I’m just that lucky. I hope you all start feeling better soon.

  2. I didn’t have a fever, but was super sick this past weekend too. Chills, aching body, watery eyes, coughing, dry itchy throat, runny nose. Not fun considering I go back to work on Tuesday. I’m still feeling weak today (with nasal congestion & coughing). Get well soon my friend!

  3. Pookah was sick this weekend. He already had the flu last month. 🙁
    I got the flu shot for work, STILL got the flu!!!!
    Now of course I’m catching what Pookah has. #sigh

  4. My kids got the shot too. They get it every year. They have had the common cold, but no FLU – THANK GOD! Me and my husband never get the shot, but this year I got one because I am pregnant! I was kinda sick (running, nose, mucas cough) but no FLU symptoms. I agree… why get the shot if you are going to catch it anyway. BUT this year, it was 3 strains of the flu out so.. while the shot covers you from 1, there were 2 others lurking out there somewhere! Glad you all are on the rise to healthy!!
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  5. I didn’t get the shot either. My husband has to get it because he works in the hospital. The kids got it so I was depending on their immunities to protect me!

    I don’t think I will be getting it for the children moving forward after reading up on it.

    Hope you feel better soon.
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  6. I didn’t get the shot…I keep meaning too, I pass by dozens of drugstores daily but somehow I haven’t gotten it. None of us have really. Again, been meaning too! I need some

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