Did you watch the Olympics? I got caught up in the madness and excitement for a minute and then that crap got depressing! I’m sure that wasn’t the intention but, uh, I had to turn away. Why, you ask? Did you see the bodies on those athletes?! My only option was to turn and catch yet another episode of HGTV’s House Hunters. That show would never openly mock me. Those people only care about open concept floor plans!

I had a baby five weeks ago and while I’m back to normal for the most part…my abs took a hit! (LOLing and crying)They were hit HARD! I’m not sure these suckers will ever be the same. Ok, I know they won’t be the same but somewhere near the neighborhood of the same, across the street, in the same cul-de-sac of the same would be good. Just saying.

I was watching the gymnasts, swimmers and tracks stars and I was all kinds of jealous! Not that I was EVER on their level but it’s nice to think I was or could have been. Now any thoughts or dreams I have of rock hard abs are distant memories.

I am looking forward to getting the green light from my doctor to work out again! I’ll probably struggle with doing a good five minutes of any workout! Maybe I should keep a picture of Lolo Jones posted to keep me focused?

Lolo Jones image via today.msnbc.com

Yeah, I might as well use these Olympian peeps for inspiration.

My ab muscles may be mush but I got some pretty sweet miracles out of the deal. Maybe I could use the little one to do bicep curls? 🙂

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  1. It’s funny because I would love to have your body (yes even after baby #2 :)! I guess the grass is always greener and that’s why we should never compare ourselves to someone else. And remember the Olympic athletes spend up to eight hours a day sometimes seven days a week training. Which let’s face it . . . is not normal! 🙂

  2. 21 months post baby and I’m still in the ab struggle, but I’ve been in that struggle my entire life. I’ve resorted to letting Jillian Michaels yell at me via DVD in hopes of shedding several inches.
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