What do you do after having 14 kids that you can’t possibly take care of? There are few options. One option that Nadya Suleman had sworn off was porn. She vowed that no matter what, she wouldn’t stoop to the level of porn to take care of her kids. That was before her house was almost taken – again.

There have been cries from the public about her going on public assistance. The argument being that her kids are her responsibility and she should be the one to take care of all 14 of them. I hear that argument and I understand it… if the focus is solely on Nadya. My focus is on the 14 lives she’s brought into this world. I’m not of the mind that they should have to suffer because of their moms choices.

Well, in any case, the woman the world loves to call Octo-Mom is going in a new direction for employment.  She’s basically doing what she vowed to never do… porn. Her debts are out of control and she’s filed for bankruptcy. She maintains that she’s doing what she has to do to feed her kids and that she’s not doing “porn” per se. She’s doing a self-pleasure video and she doesn’t consider it porn because “the only flesh I am touching is my own”, she says.

I feel for the girl, I really do. Her whole situation just makes me sad. I’m sad for the kids first. There’s no way they could be getting what they need from her as a mom. There are too many of them and just one of her. I also feel sorry for her. It seems that no rational single person would voluntarily get pregnant again when you have six kids at home.  Being that she went the IVF route, she had to know that the chances of her getting pregnant with more than one baby were VERY high. She did it anyway and ended up with 14 children as a single mother.

Even though she’s since admitted that she wishes she’d made different choices, it’s much too late for that now. My suggestion to her would be to take whatever money she gets from this video and consider a move. The cost of living here in California is crazy with just one child. I can’t imagine what it’s like with fourteen.

What are your thoughts? Had you heard about her new “business” venture?

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  1. I feel so bad for those kids…it’s not their fault that their mom can’t take care of them. Just a sad situation! I agree she should move somewhere the cost of living is lower.
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  2. I’m with Kita; she does probably need to go the reality route simply because of finances. I can’t blame just her, though; she was failed by doctors who should have known better, who should have said no. Sure, that’s not to say she wouldn’t have found one to do IVF eventually. She doesn’t appear to be the type of woman who is able to leave the limelight, even though she professes to only have the kids’ well being in mind. When she was on Oprah talking to Suze Orman about money I thought things would turn around; I thought they were going to HELP her, not just showcase what she was doing incorrectly. I didn’t watch the show, but if I recall from people’s comments, Suze was disgusted with her because she kept catching her in lies.

    We see that moving, even to a ranch type environment, might be better for her. I doubt she sees it that way (unless the cameras will still be there). I will admit that I felt bad for her when someone called the people on her recently and she had to have her home investigated for sanitation.
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  3. She is too much…she needs to just accept public assistance at this point until kids are in school…I wouldn’t advocate this usually but 14 kids…that’s a lot of mouths to feed and care for!! I wish her we though!!

  4. I sure did hear about this! I was really shocked because it’s just unfortunate what she has had to do to survive and stay afloat. 14 kids in any state is not easy to raise.

  5. I feel for her. I know a lot people criticize her for having IVF and keeping all 8 of her embryos but I would have done the same thing. That being said, I think there are so many other channels she could have chosen. For starters, she should have managed her money she got from those magazine interviews better.

    I heard she got paid a pretty penny in the beginning. I would have invested that money in buying a large foreclosure instead of renting. Also, she could have spent her pregnancy into a tv show and a book deal. Heck, it might not be too late for the book deal. She could always go the self publishing route and set up a book tour.

    I’m sure that she has fans or people who are just plain curious that show up and buy her book. Then there’s also that reality that she could just get a regular job. These get rich quick jobs don’t bring in steady income. They’re usually one time things. I’m sure Target, McDonald’s or somewhere is hiring.
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  6. After everything, you are right, there are 14 lives to support and some of them with special needs. I can’t even imagine how tough it is for her. When the 15 minutes of fame are over and the desperation of feeding 14 hungry mouths start settling in…its just too much. She is in a heck of a situation. I’m not here to judge on whether she does porn or not however, whatever it takes to take care of your kids….
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  7. This is so sad. I feel for her kids. They suffer because of her bad decisions. I’m with Kita, she needs to move from Cali and go the reality TV route. And maybe a book deal? SMH.

  8. This is a shame. I’ve heard about what she had to do recently in order to stay afloat, but dang, I do feel bad for the kids.

    I agree with Kita, she really should move to a cheaper state where the cost of living is lower. I don’t know about the reality TV part though, it depends if anyone really wants to see her story.

    Also, I thought she was going for that years ago but it was a no go.
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