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I saw a post like this recently on another blog I came across and thought it was pretty fun and unique. My job is to tell you a few things about me that just are NOT true. Instead of just putting it all out there, this is a different way to go about “getting to know you”. You ready? Let’s go!  Here are TEN things about me that are absolutely not true!

I hate shopping!

Actually, I am a recovering shopping addict. Back in my SGW (shoppers gone wild) days, the UPS man and I were on a first name basis. There didn’t seem to be a day that I didn’t have something being delivered to my front door.I’m in recovery now. Two kids will do that to you.

I’m a foodie.

I like to eat. But a foodie, I am not. I am not a huge fan of cooking. I do it because I have too. I’m kinda the same way about eating. I do it because I have to. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy my food. I just don’t get into it like my foodie buddies.

The beach makes my skin crawl.

The beach is my happy place. We live 15 minutes away from the nearest beach and I want to be even closer. I love to just stare out at the water or take walks along the water. It really just settles me and gives me peace.

I am a home body.

I’m more of a busy body. I always have a million things going on and I am always thinking of a million and twelve places I want to go. It’s fun… for me, anyway. I can appreciate the peace of home, for sure. I am so just intrigued by what else is out there. I wanna see it, try it and live it. I’m thankful my home base is here to keep my grounded and grateful though.

I rarely cry.

I am the sob queen. I cry over commercials, thoughts (happy or sad) and situations. I really should have been an actress. I can just think of something and the tears start flowing. My emotions are always so close to the surface. It’s not always a good thing.

I’m an extrovert.

I have always considered myself more of an introvert. I’m not sure too many people would agree. I think that once I get to know people, I’m an open book. I can really get shy and clam up in group situations like a conference or networking mixer type things.

I have a high tolerance for ignorance.

This has to be one of my top pet peeves. I can’t stand ignorance in any shape or form. It’s one thing to not know something. We’re all “ignorant” to some extent because no one knows everything. But to then have an all out total disregard for others and their situations, circumstances or lifestyle is too much.  I have a low tolerance for it and it shows all over my face. There’s that whole emotions being close to the surface thing again.

People mistake me for an NBA player.

OK, that’s reaching. I don’t look like a MAN! I have been mistaken for a WNBA player before. It happened in Mexico and looking back, it was hilarious!

I have a hard time seeing the bright side of anything.

I have just re-named myself Pollyanna. I just refuse to dwell on negative things. My friends can attest to this. I will seek positivity and the bright side or the other side of the story in every situation. I really believe that what we focus on grows. So, I choose to focus on positivity and see more of that in my life.

I hate writing!

Writing is and has been my love for years now. I have been a word nerd for so long, I can’t even recall when it first started. As a little girl, I wrote songs and poetry. As an adult, I’ve written a book of poetry, I’ve written for local news and network television. I can’t help myself. When I need a little therapy, I turn to music and words.

How about that for 10 lies about me? Tell me a lie about you!

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  1. Loooooved this post! I love writing as well and I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. I started entering short story and poetry contests when I was about 9 or 10. I still enter here and there when something sparks my attention. I’ve self published poetry and fiction under a pen name. I worked in the accounting field for a long time and that is what my MBA consists of. But writing is where I hang my hat these days.
    Chrystal @ YUM eating recently posted…Mostly Egg White Turkey OmeletMy Profile


    Bueno, sólo quise dejar un breve comentario en tu lugar
    a fin de que veas que si hay gente que lee. Al menos es lo
    que he visto. Espero que prosigas escribiendo como lo has hecho hasta el momento y que si
    en algo podemos colaborar en un futuro, me digas. Esto verdaderamente me gustaría.
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