There are a few things that never would go down if the world had to get the OK from me. You might be thankful that no one has to ask my permission for such things. Maybe.

No one ever asked me if I thought LMFAO should be stars. The answer: NO Maybe it’s their look? I just can’t with the foolishness.

No one ever asked me if it was OK that the alphabet only have 26 letters. I would have rounded it out at 30.

No one ever asked me if working for a living should be “required”. Uh, refer to answer numero uno.

No one ever asked me if odd people who wear raw meat should be allowed to be superstars. I’m looking at you Lady Gaga.

No one ever asked me if politics had to be so sleazy. Can you just tell me why you rock without talking smack about the other guy. There seems to be more smack talking and only a wee bit of why you might be good for the job. Me no likey.

No one ever asked me if people should be allowed to be a complete PITA. (pain in the arse)

No one ever asked me if tall should be considered only up to 5’11”. Um, for real, can a chica over 6 feet get some love? And while I’m at it…

No one ever asked me if it was OK for most shoes to only go up to a size 10!!! Stop the madness people, would it kill you to add one more size??

That’s enough for my accidentally angry post. I’m really not angry at all. Just wish that someone would ask me what I think before things go down. Apparently, that’s too much to ask. LOL!

19 comments on “Nobody Asked Me”

  1. Oh, the working for a living. I used wonder why we couldn’t just print more money. How can the U.S. be broke and borrowing from China? We have a mint! Need more…print more. As for politics, no one has asked me to run for office yet. And I think I should. My platform will be: I won’t steal the city/public tax money to buy cars, shoes, and purses. (Yes, I’m still mad at Harriette Walters).
    Arnebya recently posted…Writer’s Workshop: The Real MeMy Profile

  2. You just made my day with this list! I seriously laughed and agreed with every single one, other than the shoes and being tall. It sucks the other way too, my shoe size only exists in child’s sizes here, and really I don’t need to be rocking out hello kitty sneakers.
    Barbara recently posted…Color my Heart HappyMy Profile

  3. maybe you should start a support group or something?! i’m ready to join! i mean the nerve of some people – making decisions and what not without the least bit of input from you?! it’s not right i tell ya…it’s just not right.
    miss donna recently posted…One Word Business PlanMy Profile

  4. I’m here wishing they made more pairs of shoes in the “average” size…mine are always the first to go. But, with my hubby wearing quite large shoes, I get’s hard to find them for him.

    And, 26 letters…now that you say it, totally weird.
    Krystyn recently posted…Mommy and Me at CEC | 103rd edMy Profile

  5. Hahaha you’ve really made my day with these… If you ever had the chance to round up the number of the letters in the alphabet, which 4letters would you add to them?:) And I really loved your point on the PITA-like people….
    Catwoman recently posted…esztétikai fogászatMy Profile

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