*This post was written as part of Mama Kat’s workshop. I chose the prompt: Write a love letter to an inanimate object.

This is a letter to my very first teddy bear…

Hey there, my little friend. We’ve come a long way.  I’ve known you my whole life. I can’t believe we’re still together. I can’t believe that you’re still intact. I know I must have roughed you up over the years.  I’m sure I dragged you places, chewed on you and probably cuddled with you all the time. I’m glad you hung in there though.  Now we have this amazing story that belongs to just us two.

When my mom brought you into my life, I’m sure she had no idea how long you’d be sticking around. Who could have known that thirty-five years later I’d still love you. Well, I do. You’ve watched me grow. You’ve been there for every single moment.  Sometimes, I’ve even left you behind. You never complained. I never heard one word grumbled under your breath. I think you understood that I had to grow. I had to put some space between us so that I could get to know me – without you.

So, you watched from afar as I grew into a young girl all the way to being a grown woman. Thanks for sticking it out with me. I promise, I really appreciate it. I think you’ve been so good to me. Now, I’d like to share you with someone so special to me. I promise, he’ll be good to you too. He’ll love you, drag you around, chew on you and maybe even cuddle with you. He’ll appreciate your comfort just like I did. You’ll get to watch him grow as you’ve watched me. The best part is, you’ll still get to be a part of my life too. I hope you enjoy your new friend. He’s really the sweetest thing ever.


My baby and my very first teddy bear

If you need me, I’m just down the hall.

I love  you,

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  1. Oh, I love this letter. It’s too sweet. I don’t even know if I have owned anything that long. I used to have a favorite pillow, but it disappeared when I moved 6 years ago. Oh, I do still carry around my birth card that my parents had made when I was born. That’s so special to me. Thanks for sharing your personal journey with your Teddy. How cute to see your baby with him now. 🙂
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  2. I still have my cabbage patch doll!!!! I love her and she sits on the chair in my bedroom. I even took her to college with me. LOL. I think it’s so sweet that you’re passing your teddy on to your lil man. If I had a girl, I don’t know if I could pass my cabbage patch on to her. Sometimes Aiden plays with her and says it’s his doll, and I find myself correcting him. Not b/c he’s a boy and I don’t want him to play with “girl toys,” (I dont care about things like that), but it’s because she’s mine and I want her to myself. LOL.
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