Before we made the full leap to parenthood, my husband and I decided to take on a child of a different breed… literally. Our first “child” was our miniature poodle, Lola! We got her at 8 weeks old and boy, oh boy, was she training for the real thing! Don’t get me wrong, there are definite differences between a canine and a human baby. She really got us used to a few things new parents go through with a newborn. She had us getting up in the middle of the night. she would cry and we were taking turns getting up to clean her puppy pads, feed her and play with her until she went back to sleep. This would happen every three or four hours. We had to take her to what seemed like a million appointments with her vet to get her fully vaccinated.  The list of things goes on and on… she even has her own insurance. She’s one loved doggie. My husband surprised me with Lola for my birthday one year as I had been going on and on about getting a dog. She also turned out to be our practice baby. After we felt like we had the parenting of the puppy down we made the leap to the real thing! Many similarities but soooooooooo different. Wondering, did any of you go the pet route for a practice parenting run or was that just our thing?

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