Thanksgiving may be over but I am still in that grateful space. We had a busy Thanksgiving long weekend over here. My husband has decided it was the shortest, long weekend ever! I agree! During our “weekend” that started on Wednesday our first born turned three years old! THREE years old. How is that possible? Sigh…

He is such a big boy. Every little chub that was on his body no longer exists. It makes me marvel at how quickly time has gone. The other feeling I get is a little sadness. My baby is growing incredibly fast. It’s really obvious now that his sister is here. They look just alike as babies and it doesn’t seem like it’s been three years since he was that small.

I was holding him in my lap and we were talking as he was fighting a nap. As I looked into his little face, I saw the beginnings of a young man. It was as if I got a glimpse into the future and while it made me smile, it also makes me realize how time is flying. How is this possible when he’s not even in elementary school yet?!? I really appreciate that moment of him being in my lap. There may come a day when he doesn’t want to be bothered with his mama. I hope not. For right now, I’m soaking up all I can get from him.

In celebration of him turning the big three, we had a party. He had been looking forward to his party for months. We are at a birthday party just about every weekend and after a while he started saying, “When is MY party?” He was so excited to see his friends and on the way there he asked me, “Mommy, are my friends there? Are they waiting for me?” I think we were as excited as he was about the whole thing. This was the first “big” party we’d thrown. His other birthdays were relatively small with just a few close friends or just with us. I have a feeling he’s going to be all about the big birthdays now. We’ve probably created a party monster.

We booked an aquarium type place for the festivities and the kids and parents had a ball. When it was all said and done, I reminded my husband that we’d be doing this all over again in July when baby girl turns ONE! I’m sure that will get here before I know it too.

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  1. SISTER! Can I relate or what? Connor turned three last month and it was just unbelievable to me…no more chubby arms and legs…tall and strong…I am TRYING to enjoy every moment of newborn stage w Preston because it just flies flies flies…

    I hope you lil guy had the happiest of bday’s …looks like he did! Glad you stopped by..I have been SO bad about visiting everyone w my sleepless nights/feedings…aren’t enough hours in the day these days. Two lil ones is CRAZY! Lol. C

  2. This post makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. I totally know the feeling of looking into your child’s eyes and wondering, “How did he get to this age?” It’s pretty amazing and in that moment, time seems to stop. Magical.

    Happy third birthday to your beautiful blessing!
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