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I can’t be the only one who didn’t think about the words “self-care” until I became a mom. All of  a sudden I was very aware of it and had to have it! LOL Once I realized how far down I’d fallen on my own to do list, It felt selfish to do stuff that was just for me. How crazy it that? It should never feel any way but awesome to purposely carve out time for ourselves. After realizing this, I started being on the lookout for ways and opportunities to take care of myself and do it on a more regular basis. I’m not going to lie, with two kids, it’s tough. Their needs are many and it’s so easy to put off whatever I want to do for myself or cancel it altogether. It helps that my husband is supportive of my mommy time! (Thanks, love)

Why does self care all of a sudden seem impossible when you're a mom. I'm sharing my super simple solutions to get it done - easy.

While self care doesn’t have to be a manicure/pedicure – it doesn’t hurt. One of the first things I think about when looking at nurturing myself is working out. I love Pilates! It’s something I really got into before I had kids. When I was pregnant with my son I had a standing Pilates appointment once a week. I kept going until my instructor asked me how long I was going to keep my appointments. I asked her when her pregnant clients usually stopped. She said 38 weeks. I was 38 weeks. So yeah. I was loving it but I had to let it go.

Since having my son though I have looked for ways to stick with Pilates. I can’t always go like I used to because having kids changed by budget! So, when I look for classes, I tend to turn to Groupon Goods. There are so many yoga and Pilates deals. I have 3 for Pilates studios right now. I’m working through them. I recently stepped out one weekend morning to redeem one of them. I checked out this really cool studio here in the Los Angeles area.

Why does self care all of a sudden seem impossible when you're a mom. I'm sharing my super simple solutions to get it done - easy.

While I do try to stay on top of my fitness, I also look for beauty treatments on Groupon Goods. I have had some of the best facials at places I found on Groupon. Still, I’m a fan of some DIY self care too. So many of my self care needs don’t require me to spend a dime:

  • a nap – I don’t do it often enough but a good mid day or weekend nap can be a refresher.
  • a relaxing bath – I have bath bombs that I love or just adding some coconut oil to the bath does wonders to relax me.
  • a gratitude walk – I started doing these with the kids. I’d call them nature walks. The kids notice everything and would always pick up on things I totally took for granted.

A quick search through Groupon Goods helps me lock down some of my self care needs that don’t require me to break the bank. As much as I’m all for moms taking time for ourselves, I’m also a fan of saving some money along the way. Who can’t get on board with that?

As a mom, how do you make self care simple? What’s your favorite type of Groupon deal?

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