Throughout this pregnancy and the last, I have somehow managed to avoid maternity clothes. I made my clothes go the distance for sure. I had one pair of jeans that I could still wear at 7 months. By seven and half months they were no longer buttoning . Yeah, they were like, “girrrrrll, stop playing.” So, I did and moved on. I have my reasons for avoiding maternity wear.

I have a hard time shelling out a decent amount of money for clothes I know are only temporary. It’s the frugal fashionista in me. If I was going to splurge on some maternity wear, I know one store I’d hit – HARD! Rosie Pope Maternity. Nope this isn’t a sponsored post. I just really like the brand.

Since her Bravo show debuted, I have been intrigued by Rosie. Her company is very unique. I guess that’s why it’s so successful. As for her maternity line, it’s kind of psuedo maternity. I think I remember her saying that you could wear most of her things during your pregnancy and after. That’s a winner already with me. Here are a few pieces that could easily make an appearance in my closet.

I just found out the there is a Rosie Pope Maternity store about 15 minutes from me. This could be trouble. Am I the only one that thinks none of these scream maternity?


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  1. I love the dresses but they don’t scream maternity. I never bought maternity clothes because I thought it was a waste I just bought the belly thing for my jeans so they could hold up and wore a lot of sweats and bigger shirts.

  2. These look really great, I would so buy some of these things. For my first pregnancy I’ve manged to get by with just maternity pants. My regular shirts have gone the distance. Now with this pregnancy (and after losing a lot of weight from the first pregnancy) I’m finding out that my new clothes are not going the distance for me.

    I’ve been getting dresses because honestly, they look awesome and I try to go for styles that I can wear after pregnancy.

    I don’t blame you not wanting to spend money on the clothes since this is your last pregnancy.
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  3. YASSS, I heart rosie pope! I was intrigued by her show when I was pregnant as well, I scoured her website and found beautiful designs…but nothing I could really afford…then there was a sample sale of hers a couple of blocks away from me! I would have gone crazy but I was already way too pregnant to go shopping.
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  4. I bought a few pairs of jeans and dress pants for work during my pregnancy. I love Rosie’s show and she always looks so cute. None of the dresses above scream maternity in my opinion. I didn’t know she had stores outside of NYC. Go ‘head Rosie, make that money girl! LOL!
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  5. I love the clothes and her show! I shoved out an indecent amount of money for maternity clothes while I was pregnant. SMH. It was the first time I worked in an environment where I could wear regular clothes everyday to work. I was like a kid in a candy store! Lol. But these look great! Not at all like maternity wear!

  6. That white strapless dress with the sort of split… to die for! I’m not big on buying maternity clothes either but I couldn’t make it pass first try without bigger pants. No way was I buttoning anybody’s jeans at 7 months (you go girl!). I wore mainly non maternity dresses so I was happy with that.
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  7. oh i had no idea she had a maternity line…im with you about not buying maternity clothes…been getting away with maxi dresses….some of my skirts are definitely starting to feel snug around the thighs…sooo sad!

  8. I tried to hold out when I was preggers with Princess. I need maternity bottoms by week nine. I was way to uncomfortable to try and rock my regular pants. I was able to hold out on maternity tops for the most part. I was always much smaller in the bust area, so I didn’t have a problem. Once I popped at 7 months, I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.
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