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I was sitting in a conference room at work for a meeting. I glanced out of the window. There were a few moms out back pushing their kids in the swings. I should mention there’s a playground connected to our building. Moms and nannies from the surrounding neighborhood come to hang out with their kids all the time.

At that moment, my thoughts went straight to my son and how I’d like to be spending these moments with him at that park and not in a meeting. I wondered, as I often do, if I was missing out. I wondered if by going back to work I had signed up to miss the basic milestones of his life.

As I turned my attention back to the meeting I was reminded how cool my career is. I was reminded how cool my colleagues are. How lucky I am to be in the entertainment industry. I wondered if I had stayed home if I’d be missing out. Missing out on these brainstorm meetings, creative groups and just the overall outlet of what I do.

In those moments I found myself at some sort of self-imposed crossroads. It seems that no matter what road I chose, I’d be missing out on something. One is obviously more important, however there are things to be missed on both sides of the coin. I found myself wondering why it has to be so hard? Why there can’t be a best of both worlds scenario for me? Why it has to be so black and white?

I found myself wishing for the grey area where I can have the creative outlet of my career and have the precious moments with my child(ren). I really crave just a bit of grey.

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  1. I can relate to this. When I quit my job my fear was that I’ll be missing out, be missing me. But it turns out that we are all really going to be missing out on something at some point in our lives.

  2. We all crave that gray area. You are right, no matter what, we would be missing out on something. While I’m working I am constantly thinking about home. If I don’t re-orient my self, I won’t get any work done. I do want to stay at home some day, but I wonder how it would be like. Work is pretty much the only time I get to engage in coversations with several different adults.
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  3. As I search for a part-time summer job I’m already asking myself the same question. What will I be missing? But I also know this will be a great thing for me. Entering the workforce and showing more of me the person and not just the mommy.

    Hugs and Mocha,
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  4. Finding that balance is something I don’t want to be in search of anytime soon but I know it’s coming….honestly I would like most moms love to spend time working from home So I can have time with my baby:-)

  5. Awww. I’ve been at that place. I was a SAHM and now a working mom. I thought I wanted the stay-at-home, but I needed the outlet, I needed the validation, I needed adult conversation. I think you’ll find your grey in what makes you happy. Finding a happy medium between both. I don’t think perfect exists. But find the happiness in the little moments at work and with your kiddos. I think that makes for a happy Mommy. Age old question, my friend. PS, wonder if those Mommies on the playground were looking up at you, saying, I wish I was in there.
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