The days are getting longer and I’m getting really excited about summer. Mixed with my excitement has been a huge amount of stress. There’s been a lot going on in my little neck of the woods that has me really maxed out. Vacation, anyone? That’s one of the goals on my list these days.


In the meantime, I’ve taken that stress and channeled it into taking my health to the next level. That looks like me phasing out meat and working out on a regular basis again. Anybody else have a start/stop relationship with exercise? My working out again started because I so needed it. Along the way, I realized just how good it is not just for my body but for my head. There has been a million things swirling around with decisions to make, things to do, etc. Taking my workout outside with the fresh air and the ocean waves has really helped me to clear my head.

IMG_6676I’ve come up with solutions to some of the stuff that’s been stressing me and ideas in general to move me forward. It’s at the point that the weekend makes me sad because I know I’m not going to getaway for the refresh time. I’m making it one of my goals this month to work it in some time on weekends to workout. I’m sure it’s doable. I just have to work it in to our schedule in a way that makes sense. I’ve got a few other things I’m adding to my goals list this month. I thought I’d share them here to help with being accountable. You all are my witnesses. LOL


Update services page – Since I started blogging years ago, I have always gotten questions about how to start a blog. I’ve been quietly consulting new bloggers to get their spaces up and running. I need to update my “work with me” page to reflect that new service.

Promote free mini course – I put together a free mini email course to help mamas with procrastination. Even though I put it out there quietly, the response has been good! I’ll begin promoting it to get the word out and help even more mamas.

Research for bookA few weeks ago I mentioned that I had started working on writing my 2nd book. I’m still plugging along. This month I plan to do more research on some of the topics I’ll be covering in the book.

Create Challenge – You’ll hear more about this soon.


Finish books –  There are two books I’ve been reading off and on. Mostly because I’m so short on time. I want to finish them this month. One is Make It Happen by Lara Casey, the other is The Lost Daughter by Mary Williams. I did finish Sparkle by Cara Leyba. It was a fun, quick and motivating read.

Schedule spa day – My husband bought me a spa day certificate for Valentine’s Day. Life has been so crazy that I haven’t gotten a chance to use it. I could really use the relaxation and pampering so I’m putting that on the books in the next weekend or so.

Schedule pilates – I bought myself a Groupon for a Pilates studio. It was only 30 dollars for 3 classes. I’ve been spending all my workout time outside. I’ll be making this one happen though. I do LOVE Pilates!

Refill – These two teas have been on constant rotation for me in the mornings. I know everyone loves coffee but I am a such a tea girl. I have a single serve brewer to make a fresh cup every morning. So good. Lately I’ve been loving this green chai tea + apple chai tea. Add a little milk and honey – perfection!

So those are the goals I’m aiming for this month. What things do you need to tackle in the next few weeks? #accountability #goals

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