So not too long ago I got together for a night out with a group of mommy friends. It was a night we were all clearly excited about. When we’d get together prior to our night out (for baby b-day parties and play dates) the night out was always a topic of discussion. So much so that our husbands were talking amongst themselves about it. Jealous! 🙂  When the night finally came there were talks of what to wear, who would wear heels and such. We decided to meet up for dinner and maybe dancing afterwards. It was such a good time. It lived up to the hype that we’d built up. There were at least ten of us that made it out. There was good food, conversation and just good old fashioned bonding. Many of us feel some kind of way about working now that we are moms. Seems we’d rather be with our babies and that’s a struggle. Many of us feel we now need a cleaning crew of some sort because we have so much going on now it’s hard, if not impossible to keep the house the way it used to be. Everybody agreed that getting together and letting loose was a great idea. So great that we spent four hours at the restaurant and didn’t want the night to end. No one was really up for dancing though. My guess is we all knew there was a little person at home that wouldn’t care how sleepy we were the next day. They’d just want mommy. When was the last time you had a mom’s night out?

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