It’s come to this. We are taking a break from restaurants. We don’t want to but, we might have to. The issue, folks – we’ve got a screamer! The little guy is a fan of testing his vocal abilities. I’m all for it. It’s great for him to discover the wonders of his voice! We have to really work on that “inside voice” thing though. We went out to dinner this weekend and he proved that he has an entertainment career in his future. I guess that’s my fault. I’ve exposed him to the industry somehow. Darn L.A.

Here’s what I mean. He takes every opportunity to be seen by strangers. Yes, this kid loves an audience. While out to eat, we were seated at a booth. I thought this was a good thing. It’s more private than a table. Little Mr. Busy Body could not stop turning around and talking to the people at the next booth. He plays peek-a-boo with them. Usually people indulge, these people weren’t playing his game. Not everyone thinks babies are cute, shocking. We get him to sit down. He quiets down for a minute. Then he starts his excited shout. Just for kicks, you know. It’s cute – at home. If you could only hear how high his voice is, OMG. When I say Mariah Carey has nothing on him – I am NOT kidding. His voice goes so high it actually hurts my ears.

We are working on letting him be a kid and express himself, but trying to be mindful of other people. My friend suggested going to more kid-friendly restaurants. I thought we were. I guess we’ll change up our choices again and get even more kid-friendly. McDonald’s anyone? I guess it could be worse. He could be crying and wailing and throwing things. A little overly excited flirting isn’t the worst thing.

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  1. We are not quite at that point. But we may be close. I am not generally a fan of the places that most people would consider “kid friendly.”
    But we have changed our eating out habits anyway. I am cooking at home more just because I like the leftovers for his and our lunches.
    But there are some nights I just don’t want to cook, so out we go.
    I like to think that if we just keep taking him and showing him what is OK and what is not, he will get it.
    But yeah, he is 18-months. Sometimes you just have to take a restaurant break.

    • i think your house is better than most restaurants. you have no reason to go out… unless of course you just want to see other people eat. 🙂 my friend said the same thing. just keep going and showing him how to act and he’ll get it. here’s hoping!

  2. I think we should get our boys together and they can start their very own band, complete with high-pitched shrieks and all! Yeah, we don’t really go out much with Brandon for much the same reason and after Father’ Day dinner at my grandmothers, I think we are going to have family events at our place since china and crystal are curious toddler boy friendly! Good luck!

  3. Yeah, as soon as my daughter turned one, restaurants were all done for us. It made me wish we’d gone out more when she was a newborn and slept all the time.

  4. I just took a trip down memory lane to the first four years of Cal’s life! We stopped going to restaurants for a good long while because of the exact same thing- talking to people, playing games with people, singing along with the songs playing in the restaurant. When we finally went out to eat again, she was almost like “what is this strange place and why are they serving us food?

  5. Great post! I here ya with this one…I try to keep my little one occupied but he still gets antsy…when he was a newborn it was great,but now my little toddler is vocal (to say the least).

  6. The good news is, they grow up really fast. Then you can leave them at home, and go to the restaurant without them at all!…but seriously, he could do far more than want to play peek-a-boo and be a soprano singer. Give it another try, see if the next couple he encounters are more indulgent.

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