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My last day of work this year was December 22nd. I don’t go back until January 3rd. I have gotten so used to the hectic life that comes when family is in town that I have all but abandoned this space. My whole five day a week blogging has dwindled just a bit. Truth is, I kinda miss you peeps! My parents are still in town and we’re still incredibly busy but I wanted to drop in and say hi!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a good time around here. I’m sure there’s a post to come on that pretty soon.

My parents are having a great time. They are getting in some quality time with their grandson and just enjoying the city. My son is having a record amount of tantrums… go figure.  The new personality of this two year old is working me over. I’m still not claiming “terrible two’s” but I’ll go with “testy two’s”. He is pushing it every chance he gets! If he’s not screaming “NO” then he’s just flat out screaming. Good times! It doesn’t do my heart good when people say that three is even more uh, “challenging”. Somebody better pray for us! LOL! How was your holiday weekend?

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  1. Happy Holidays to ya. I haven’t been on since Dec 6th. It’s been strictly family time in my household and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

    As for your 2 year old male, it gets better, then challenging, then better again, then finally great when he’s all grown up. LOL.
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  2. I agree with IAAMM. It gets better, then changes, then changes again LOL Boys! My girls were so different from him (but that lends to the fun in discovering and embracing his differences).

    Have a wonderful holiday and new year. I’ve been playing hooky from my blog as well but I’ve got a few new things in the works this week. It’ll be there when I’m ready.
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  3. girl, you work and STILL manage to blog five times a week?! i suck. really.

    my soon to be 3yr old niece visited this past week and her favorite word is no. she had a running in place tantrum that cracked me up! i don’t miss those parenting moments at all. your boy is merely expressing himself…let him be. 🙂
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  4. We have family here until the 4th of January and my mom is hanging around until January 14th, so the holidays will feel extra long this year! I’m glad you are having a great holiday with your family!

  5. What IS it with the screaming 2 year olds? Pookah has taken to randomly screaming when he doesn’t get his way and saying no to EVERYTHING. Testy twos indeed!

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