I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. When I post something I like on this site, I end up buying it. That’s the exact opposite of my whole “minimalism, get rid of stuff” mantra. My solution is I’m going through my closet to actually let go of some items. I have already gone through the kids stuff, now it’s my turn!

I think I’m going to sell some things on Poshmark or something. There are so many things I just don’t wear since I’m not going into an office everyday. I won’t be getting rid of everything because you never know. Right? Right.

Back to the whole shopping thing. I posted some lovely Vans that I was digging not too long ago. Now, here they are on my feet. You see how this works? The same thing has happened with a few graphic tees as well. Yeah. I need to work on that.

9.25 dump 005That being said, I LOVE my new kicks! I rocked them with some camo pants I got from a thrift store years ago. Interesting fact about my pants: they actually still have the name of a soldier inside them. The pants are too short for me. My solution has been to wear them as capri-type pants. Works for me. I thought they fit perfectly with my golden slippers. I got compliments on these Vans all day! I may or may not have another pair that looks just like this in a snake print. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.

A recent thing I’m digging are podcasts. I’m actually listening to one as a I type. I know I am so late to the podcast train. But hey, I’m on the train now and that’s all that matters. So there. I am finding that they are really helpful as I dig in to  this entrepreneur journey. There are so many people with advice and new perspectives on business. If you have a favorite podcast, let me know. I’d love to add some new ones to my list.

You know what else I’m feeling all of a sudden? Fall! It used to be a favorite season when I lived in the Midwest. Mostly, I loved it because I love Fall fashion. I could not get enough of the coats, boots and wool slacks. Oh, I loved! Now that I live in Los Angeles, all of my Fall coats are dry rotting in my closet. I do still wear my boots but not nearly as much. Most of them still look brand new. What I am looking forward to about Fall now is the pumpkin patch, apple picking and all of that good stuff! I know it’s all about my kids. I love experiencing all of this stuff with them. So, yay Fall!

What are you feeling this Friday? Ever sold anything on Poshmark? Do you love Fall? Favorite podcast?


28 comments on “What I’m Feeling Friday… Vans”

  1. It seems to me that as soon as I have a handle on letting go of the old, I feel the need to replace with new shiny stuff. I love those shoes!

  2. My dress clothes have gone unworn (for the most pat) since I had my youngest. I was thinking today I should donate them, so many of the are so nice, it’s a shame to have them rotting away in the closet.

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