It’s Friday! We made it through another week. Hopefully it was super productive and equally FUN! Gotta have balance, right? I’m gearing up for a busy weekend full of meetings, events and fun with the fam. At some point, I really need to rest! Such a busy body.

With it being Friday and all, it’s only right that I tell you a few of the things I’m feeling. Right? Right!

Let’s start with sunnies! My daughter has made it her personal mission in life to massacre all of my sunglasses. She has broken the last three pair. The only ones that are wearable, are crooked. No bueno. I have been on the hunt for some new ones. I was determined not to spend too much on them either.I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than ten dollars on some sunglasses. Maybe that’s why it was so easy for her to destroy them? I dunno.  As much I want some designer shades, it’s not happening with the bruiser around. So, on the reccomendation of a friend, I headed on over to Nordstrom Rack. I would have actually gone to the store but I was up doing some late night shopping and made it happen via the computer. I ended up with these.sunnies polaroidThey’re from Polaroid. Who knew they made glasses? Although, I only spent $25 on these, I think I’m going to find some ten dollar or less glasses just in case. Gotta have a back up with that girl around!

Being that I have this thing about living your dreams, whatever they may be, I was drawn to this shirt!

7.31 007I saw it while strolling through Nordstrom’s. I was thisclose to buying it. Those daydreams mean something. If it’s all you can think about, you should probably do something about it.

For all of my coffee lovers, you’ll appreciate this “coffee art”. I love the one with the cat!coffee art picvia

That’s what I’m feeling this Friday. What’s up with you? Weekend plans?


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  1. I just buy cheap sunglasses because my grandkids like to play with them and get them all messed up or broken. They like playing with all my stuff. I love the pics of the coffee!

  2. Ooo, I get really good sunglasses from H&M every year. They do ray ban styles and actually they’re really good quality! They’re always cheap but definitely last a year or two. Definitely try them!

    Love the cute coffee froth animals too!

    Katie <3
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