I was growing up, I remember being surrounded by music. Good music. Every morning before school, this song was wafting through the halls of our house.

While we cleaned on the weekends, my mother would play this or this or this. That’s where my love of music began. I love music in a way that lets me know I should be doing SOMETHING in the music industry at some point in my life. That is, before the music turned to crap. Bruno Mars, Elle Varner, Miguel and a few others give me hope where new artists are concerned.

frank oceanI’ve been thinking a lot lately about my love affair with music. I have been thinking about how I grew up being exposed to and loving good music. In some way, I want to pass that on to my babies. The thing is the music of today for the most part is just not something I’d listen to around my kids. I was even thinking about music I used to listen to during my college years – no bueno. At some point music took that left turn from being subtle to just letting it all hang out. That’s alright when you’re of age but not for the little ears in my house. It leaves me wondering how I’ll share my love of music with my babies.

When I really think about it, there are some good artists out there. I guess I’m just annoyed with how much crap is out there too. I don’t want my kids growing up thinking this is REAL music.

Is there something, like music, your parents shared with you that you share with your children?

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  1. With your babies being so young you will have to be concerned about the lyrics. My parents shared with me a lot of different kinds of music too like jazz, love songs and country music. When I look back at some of my old music and there were some songs with the lyrics that wasn’t so cool. I was surprised because my parents were real strict. But back then I didn’t know that I was singing about sex and they must of knew it. 🙂 When my daughter was little I played a lot of nursery rhymes and christian songs about God.

  2. I understand where you are coming from for sure! I am at the same stage in my life too. All the songs and lyrics are no good for my kids ears. It’s like I’m really in tuned to what’s being played. There are really good artist out there that are not very “worldly” and it just takes time to listen and find them.

  3. I think about this a lot, and I totally laughed at the Miley Cyrus clip. My parents didn’t push, but they exposed us to their music. It was a variety – Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, Journey, Eric Clapton, etc. times a million. Inevitably, we went through our pop phases as we were children of the 80’s. The ones that stick around through the ages – Madonna and Michael Jackson, and the ones that didn’t..
    Now we’re adults and what do we listen to? The music my parents exposed us to when we were kids.
    So I have hope, although the music today might be more awful than ever, but did our parents think that during the 80’s and 90’s while comparing it to the music of the 50’s and 60’s?
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  4. God I understand! I am afraid to turn on the radio somedays because I am afaid Pookah will go around singing some of the CRAP we hear on the radio.
    I grew up with Motown, Al Green, Luther, Go Go( it’s a DC thing) Michael Jackson, the Ojays, Stevie, etc etc. But the music now scares me. No respect for women,all about sex, just nasty.
    But there are some artists out there that get love in our house and I woulnd’t mind Pookah singing along. It just takes effort to find them!
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